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Seduced by Moonlight by Laurell K. Hamilton
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Aug 06, 11

did not like it

This book sucked! As much as I love Laurel K Hamilton's Anita Blake vampire hunter novels, that's how much i hated this book. "Seduced by Moonlight" made absolutely no sense. There are tons of "cultures" like goblins, seede, fearie, something else, something else, all with tons of rules btween each other - too many to follow. There were random characters that entered the book in a scene and died right away, that totally didn't belong, didn't add to the scene, and literally felt like an excuse to take up extra pages, like the snake and the spider. The entire book was like one big excuse to write about the multiple kinds of SEX that exist btween this human-like woman and other creatures. The entire book is sex, talk, sex, talk, sex with absolutely shitty plots, it goes nowhere, and makes no sense. The only thing I can say that I DID like is the descriptions of the pretty eyes/wings/hair/skin that these creatures had. But I honestly couldn't care if one of their wings SPROUTED JUST BECAUSE THEY HAD SEX. It didn't add to the plot anyhow so what's the point? I love Laurel K Hamlilton, i thought this book was a waste.

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