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Twelfth Night by William Shakespeare
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Aug 06, 2011

really liked it

One would think I would tire of Shakespeare's comedies. After all, it seems he has a collection of about five or six plot devices, and when writing any comedy, he grabs a few of these plot devices at random, sticks them in a blender, blends, and the pours out the plot, in the form of a not-always-well-thought-out plot smoothie.
One would be wrong. Because while the plots and characters can be fairly formulaic, the jokes are funny. In my opinion, anyway.
On the topic of Twelfth Night specifically, my only real problem with it is that Osino turns completely bi-polar at the end for no real reason. He goes from Bland Lovestruck McBlanderson to Crazy Almost-a-Murderer to Laid-Back "I Always Thought My Manservant Was Sexually Attractive" Smith, all in a manner of minutes. Right? I mean, one minute all he can think of is how much he loves Olivia, then he's totally ready to kill "Cesario," then he finds out Cesario is really a women and he's like, "Oh, sweet. I was just thinking to myself, if Cesario was a women, I'd do him."
I mean, I know Shakespearian comedies are big on things getting really bad at the end right before they get conveniently fixed, but even for a Shakespearian comedy, Osino's mood-swings didn't really make sense.
Still, it was enjoyable for its humor. And the writing of course; everyone knows Shakespeare is super awesome at stringing words together.

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