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Dark of the Moon by Tracy Barrett
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May 25, 2012

did not like it
Read from May 22 to 25, 2012

Ariadne is She-Who-Will-Be-Goddess. Because of this, she can't talk to other girls her age or ever lead a normal life. Her day is filled with memorizing various rituals and constant lessons on how to be a priestess. Her only true friend is Asterion, her brother, who lives underneath the palace away from everyone else. That is, until Theseus arrives. Theseus is the son of the king of Athens, and he's different from anyone Ariadne's ever met. They soon become friends, and could maybe even turn into more, but there's one small problem: Theseus has been sent to kill the legendary Minotaur, the monster that lies at the center of a twisted labyrinth.

The Minotaurus is Ariadne's brother.

I was SO disappointed by this book. It had the most perfect set-up, the PERFECT plot, the most epic romance/adventure idea...and then the author absolutely ruined it. :( Sigh.


The good:

1) The idea behind it. I read a LOT of paranormal romance. I read a LOT of fairy tales and folk tales and legends and myths and I love them all. But I'd never read anything about the Minotaur before. I was SO excited about it- and the romantic twist! Ahhhh!!! AMAZING!!! Surely this would turn into an epic stand-alone novel that I would have to run and purchase in hardcover after I was done? But alas, it was not to be. :(

2)The main character's name. Ariadne. I think that's the prettiest name in the world. Second to Evana. :)

3) Theseus' POV. Ariadne's POV is written in tiresome "old english", but Theseus talked like today's typical teenager. While this was slightly odd, I thought it was absolutely hilarious. He had a very witty voice and I enjoyed reading his parts. I also enjoyed the author's take on Theseus. He's not an amazing hero, but really, just a kid who's gotten lucky and lied a lot hahaha!

And now, for the bad:

1) Way too much backstory. The vast majority of the book was spent explaining things and talking about what had taken place in the past. I didn't really care to know but I had to read through it to get ahead.

2) The focus on religion/rituals. While the "Moon Goddess" was surely important (since Ariadne is one of her priestesses) the excessive detail that went into talking about each step of the ritual was downright boring. :/ I wondered why we were spending SO much time on it and not any time on the actual fight between Theseus and the Minotaur and WHERE WAS THE ROMANCE.

3) Not enough romance. Actually, there was basically no romance whatsoever. :(

4) Being misled. I hate how books are advertised as one thing but then turn out to be another thing entirely. Rather than being the tale of the Minotaur with a twist, this book was 80% Moon Goddess, 10% what-happened-in-the-past and 10% hurriedly-slapped-together-ending-because-we-have-to-cut-it-off-somewhere. It disappointed me on several levels and introduced numerous secrets at the beginning that I was anticipating would reveal something mind-blowing. Each of the secrets turned out to be horribly anti-climatic.

Glad I didn't buy it!

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