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Nightfall by L.J. Smith
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Aug 06, 2011

Read in April, 2011

If you have read more than ten books in your lifetime and you are an adult, then this book might not be all that you expected. The story writing itself is very immature and predictable. There is no sense that the writer considers the audience as intelligent, as everything is over explained. During these scenes, I kept on getting the notion that the writer believes in fairies and alien abductions - we all know this is a story, but at least try to make it realistic.
Some of the parts of the book leaves a gap in the story without it being the intention, example where Damon is covered with several different types of wings to have a certain effect on him, and in the next scene we are back to square one. The deadly vampire is about to kidnap the girl but takes the time to move the cars first - this is just crappy writing.
I have to ask why Smith would go to the length of intricate detail that does not mean anything; could a full length book not be written by just sticking to the story without the frills.
In my opinion, more than half the book is a waste of time and has no real relevance to the story line in general. And by the way, the character of Dr Alpert changes to Dr Albert and then back to Dr Alpert. I expected more... The only reason I actually finished this book, is due to the TV series. I am a fan and thought the book would also be good.

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