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Box Office Poison by Alex Robinson
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Aug 06, 11

I love comics and thought this'd be fantastic but man is it anything but. Two friends out of uni hit the city, get crappy jobs, one of them works in a bookshop and wants to be a writer. He makes fun of customers in the bookshop behind their backs for not knowing anything about books. Fair enough, I've met librarians who thought Charles Dickens was a novel by David Copperfield. But come on, easy target! Hardly engaging. Then we have the foreign landlady who shouts a lot of pidgen english, the crazy ex-girlfriend, the supposedly exploitative and soulless businesspeople. I'll stop there out of politeness. Basically it's a long list of stereotypes which have been mocked before and are mocked again. No new perspective just childish pointing and nasal laughing. Utterly pathetic.

And the plot? Lots of people frustrated in love or not frustrated in love. Single life in a city, following your dreams, slowly emerging from university like adolescence into adulthood where disappointment is the order of the day. Yawn. The only thing resembling a story was the old comic book guy's story of creating a Superman/Batman like character and signing away the rights because it was the 40s/50s and comic book writers had no rights, didn't know, etc, etc. If you know about Superman you'll know the story behind the creators. Also it's a story that's been explored before by others like Will Eisner's "The Dreamer" or Daniel Clowes' "Pussey!". Hardly new.

And the inanity of it all! Mundane boring lives of wannabes moaning about life. How utterly dull. And it's 600 pages! 600 pages of whinging idiots. "People don't read enough, people aren't creative enough, blah blah". Well I read plenty and that's why I know there are much better comics out there than this load of tat. I made it halfway before giving up on this wishy washy overrated and outdated brick of a book. Don't even bother picking it up fellow readers get something else instead. Or if you want to try Robinson I'd suggest his much better work "Too Cool To Be Forgotten".
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Yongyoon Reminds me of NYC... I never liked NYC.

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