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The Homework Machine by Dan Gutman
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May 18, 2008

it was amazing
Recommended to Emmalin by: er.. myself
Recommended for: 5th graders
Read in December, 2007

Hope you will not fall asleep reading the review!This book is really amazing!!It is about four kids in school(two brains and two jocks)they became friends and the started to hangout almost everyday after school.You see the chinese looking boy?(brenton)and do you see the negro girl(judy). they are going to start to like ecah other throughout the story.Anyway...these four kids go to brenton's house after school to do their homework.But......they are not doing their own homework,it's the MACHINE in Brenton's room which is doing their homework for them.The machine will install a software program(the kids handwriting so it can prove nobody did it for them) and if the machine does not know how to answer the questions,it will automatically go into the internet to find the answers and then it writes it down.Along the way,Brenton's was acting odd because you know why?each time the kids use the machine,Brenton will write what "some" kids are doing.(using the machine)At night, he types a message(all pupils are to wear blue socks)and he sends it to everybody in the same school as him.The next day,EVERYONE in school were wearing blue socks except him!But his friends thought that Brenton was the only one who did ot receive the message.Their arch enemy,(i forgot what was his name)(sorry!).Rumours start spreading around as the days past by.the three kids were worried and angry on who spreaded the rumour.Brenton bent down his head and the friends asked if it was him,he nodded.They were starting to regret this and wished that this didn't even happen.One night,they were trying to get rid of the machine and the pulled the switch off the machine.But the machine was too smart that it could turn itself on!So they just decided to dump it somewhere that nobody could see it.Along the way,there was someone spying on them he thought that Brenton was very smart.When someone found out that there was something there,they reported it to the police.It was soon foud out that it belonged the the four kids and so,they were called to the police station.The police asked them a question on who did it belonged to to and all wanted to take up the burden by saying they owned it.Brenton made a shout by saying it belonged to him.all was quiet.(this situation was not made public)This case was closed after that.The next day,the man who was spying on them showed up at Brenton's house,introducing himself and what he is working on.he asked Brenton to give a few ideas and Brenton said okay,making judy(his girlfriend) angry.Brenton whispered a word into his ear,that made the man very angry and annoyed...now, it is for you to read what he whispered to the man and realise how amazing the book is.By Dangutman.I really love this book.

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Caroline FYI, it's generally not considered acceptable to call people "Negro" anymore. Try "African-American" or "black." And if you don't know Brenton's ethnicity, you could just say Asian instead of "Chinese looking" and be a little more sensitive to racial and ethnic issues.

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