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Once Upon a Curse by E.D. Baker
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Apr 10, 08

Recommended for: fairy tale lovers
Read in April, 2008

haha, i started last night...discretely ;D
sadly i forgot the story...but luckily the beginning is like a heads-up or reminder of what the story was talking about before
okay, so emeralda (or emma) is reaching her 16th birthday in a week, but there was this curse put on their family by a fairy, starting with princess hazel, saying that by touching a flower from age 16 onwards, all of their kindness, beauty, and good disappears and changes them to irritable witches :P
only the girls of the family are able to be witches and casts spells and stuff
in addition, emma is to be married (not arranged...not exactly at least) with the love of her dreams, eadric, in whom she's spent the last two books with traveling in adventures :D but she doesn't want to burden eadric with the possibility of turning mean and driving him away, so she tries to find a cure
She learns the cure must be found in the original spot that the curse was placed upon, an item from the king's reign to time travel back in order to find the cure and stop all this acursed-ness from continuing on generation by generation
okay, so i only got to page 109 so far :]
they've time traveled and met the royal family already
but they landed a bit too early, about 2 days, so they just chill out and wait for the time to come :D

i'm done! though the ending sounds more like a movie adapted scene where it ends with a kiss :P
other than that its pretty awesome...like hazel is an arrogant little b*tch so the swamp fairy casted that spell to her family, as mentioned above :) and she didn't believe her, thinking that its just a bluff and buried herself in flowers...when she turned around, she was no longer the beauty she once was, but instead like those cartoon shown witches who cackle and have extremely bad acne XD
so once emma learns this, Li'l<and yadiyadiya and on forth
but i WILL say that the frog princess definetely POWNS this :) and well, i'm guessing the 4th book talks about eadric and emma's marriage .______. boy, i wonder what's going to happen *coughproblemsdramsetccough*

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message 1: by Waffle...♥ (new)

Waffle...♥ OH!!! So this was the book you were talking about, what time did you read this up to?!?!?! Hehe while you were reading this I was rolling around in bed and flipping my blankets back and forth to free the heat... IT WAS SO HOT!!! Bleh... but otherwise I still woke up earlier that everybody else in the house ;]

Wee!wawaLAA!!! haha i read half and half..split it into two days
ehh, i read this up to like 12 or 1 in the morning
yea, i have sleeping issues
true that
I KNOW!!!! it gets so hawt when you move around too much...
well that's not good, lack of sleep, but then again you're TALL ENOUGH!!! >:]

message 3: by Waffle...♥ (new)

Waffle...♥ Hehehe I'm still reading The Guardian and right now its..... ONE ALREADY?!?!?! WOW! Oh wells! Tall enough for what?

Wee!wawaLAA!!! lollll
i meant your height, but oh wells
haha, i actually went to bed at,...12:30
but couldn't fall asleep again :P

message 5: by Waffle...♥ (new)

Waffle...♥ OH!!! I see it now! Hehe! Pfft... no I'm not tall enough... LOOKIIE AT HELEN THE TALLY OLD GAL! *sigh* why is it so hard to fall asleep nowadays? so wierd, so wierd!

Wee!wawaLAA!!! haha
yea...i guess its just that time
hey, how do you change fonts and stuff?

message 7: by Waffle...♥ (new)

Waffle...♥ Change fonts? What do you mean? *confused*

Wee!wawaLAA!!! like bold and underline the words :)
ooo, the library got my book...urm the 4th book to this one :]
i'm proabably going to get it this tuesday
but probably not going to read it till after the rescue :D

message 9: by Waffle...♥ (new)

Waffle...♥ LoL
Um... like this
[insert word here]
Okay so now you have to change the x into an i for italics or b for bold or u for underline... try it try it... it's so fun!

Wee!wawaLAA!!! okay, lemme try
it didn't work last time
yea, thanks lots though ;D
ack, spanish homework
oooooh, like you ought to listen to 183 CLUB and 7 flowers
ima going to send em to you soon, but like yea or you can let your mom listen :] appreciate the asian-ness
side note: 183 CLUB used to have 5 guy members (i don't know what happened to johnny yan, but jacky chu got kicked out from late partying and drunk driving :P but he acts pretty well) and 7 FLOWERS (qi duo hua) used to have 7 girl members, but only 4 are left, but i have no further info about the other 3 :P YUUUUUP!!!
they're awesome :3

C'est Moi ♪ nooo, it's like this (only without the spaces)

< b >place word here!< / b >

so now, it looks like:

place word here!

btw, have you ever heard of S.H.E.?

message 12: by Waffle...♥ (new)

Waffle...♥ Ooo I thought I should do the no spaces method but I didn't think it would work... plus all the math got to my head with the x's... hehehe! btw you forgot the / in the < / b > at the end... mmkay send em... for me to critisize! confusing O-O; I'll see!

Wee!wawaLAA!!! YUUUUP!!!! i've heard of S.H.E.
they're okayish, not the best though :P
but try 183 club and qi duo hua :]
ahaaaa, lemme try again :)


C'est Moi ♪ yea, it works nowz :]
qi duo hua? never heard of them...
okie dokes, i'll take a look later :D

Wee!wawaLAA!!! haha, well its like spelled out in chinese
just type 7 flowers, i think it should work :]
they're slightly more high pitched, but then again, they are a girl group :P too bad they're not a girl band

message 16: by Waffle...♥ (new)

Waffle...♥ Why the italics in band? Is it that important? Hehe have you sent it? If so... WAIT TILL TOMORROW!!!!

Wee!wawaLAA!!! yes, i'm not sure if they play any instruments!!!
they just have extremely pretty vocals, but i think they just sing
so far, i haven't seen them play instruments :]
groups and bands are VERY different >:]
no i have not sent it...
nor am i going to today
probably next week XD or on sunday

C'est Moi ♪ hahahahaha...

yes, i am bored. :D

message 19: by Waffle...♥ (new)

Waffle...♥ Meow boom boom wheeee tweet beep woot woooooo meep meep crash BAM smash crack WOOF sqeak purr
RAAAAAAWWWWWWWRRRRRRRR BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM creak squish shriek yell bellow holler screeeechh!

eh. Yea I think I'm bored too. LOL I was just watching Princess Diaries TWO because it was on the TV and yea bored... it was actually okay. I didn't like the first one, it was wierd plus I was in 5th when I watched it ;D

Wee!wawaLAA!!! let us continue
three consonants i have to say to you peggy:
ewwww, princess diaries????? its so stupid...
i didn't even know what the hell disney channel was till 5th grade and started watching it in 6th grade...
yaaa, the cartoon network shows totally powns this >:3

message 21: by Waffle...♥ (new)

Waffle...♥ LOL I didn't know what disney channel was until like... 6th ^^ hehehe... the movie how they did it was... HORRIBLE... eh.. but the book sounds better o-o; I had no idea what was going on in the movie... they just looked very funny dancing around :3 WHHHHHHHHHHHHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
see what happens to me when boredom takes over? TOTAL CHAOS!!!!!!!!! (in my head)

Wee!wawaLAA!!! haha me either, but then i got bored, and started more tv :P
but there was like always nothing GOOD on since they jacked up everything
book of....what?
i'm kinda brain dead right now .___.
total chaos???
well that must mean SOMETHING...since you ALREADY blew up your house XD

message 23: by Waffle...♥ (new)

Waffle...♥ LOL if I did blow up my house... does that mean I get to stay over at your house? :D Yea... when I'm bored I eithier take a cat nap, read slowly, or just sit there staring out the window blankly! If all else fails... THE LAME TV! >:] I hate the TV nowadays because there is nothing to watch and plus after I sit there for an hour my bottom hurts like REAL bad and I get all drousy ect, ect... so I rarely watch TV... only when I'm BORED COMPLETELY OUT OF MY MIND!!!! I wonder what can be more chaotic than blowing up your own house...

Wee!wawaLAA!!! ....
no you are not allowed to
you're going to blow up mines
yeaaa, so i watch em at night :P
toonami sucks hell
i miss my asian shows...not the ones on dish though
i like the charter one, though its kinda expensive, but the asian channels like imaginasian tv are the BOMB!!!! they always show like comedy stuff that is just HILARIOUS, but they're like often taiwanese and stuff
yea, half of the shows i used to watch was on there T_____T
gawd....and youtube kinda laggs too
but on the computer, i don't have a lot to do...and my parents yell at me, so i've been reading a lot

message 25: by Waffle...♥ (new)

Waffle...♥ Woot for reading! That's what I do now for my time murdering frenzie... arn't you just proud of me? I'm learning to be violent! Killing innocent time... oh woe time...

Wee!wawaLAA!!! ...
oooh did you find out the name of that show..
with that girlfriend person??? :]

message 27: by Waffle...♥ (new)

Waffle...♥ *shakes head* Still needa ask but much too lazy right now! :D

AHHHHHHHH HELEN AND FELICITY! THEY ARE KILLING ME WITH THE GROUP CHATS!! *bangs head on desk* So hard to sort it out... >< Raawwrrr!!! I roleplayed in 6th grade but I gave up on it because we kind of quitted and plus it was taking up too much time... it was soo much fun! :D

Wee!wawaLAA!!! pssshhhh
lazzzyy buuutt
i'm trying to do my homework, but with all these comments...I CANNN'TTT!!!
oooh, tell them i said hi :D
what are you talking about role played??

message 29: by Waffle...♥ (new)

Waffle...♥ LOL! Ah... comments can be evil... ^^ Tell who you said hi? Role played as in I used to roleplay and if you don't know what roleplay is... I'm much too lazy to explain! xP

Wee!wawaLAA!!! haha, i finished my math homework
technically, its a missing assignment cause i only finished like half...but i got tired of thinking
tell helen and felicity :D
nooo, i know what roleplay is, but i don't know what you guys roleplayed

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