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Battlefield of the Mind by Joyce Meyer
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Aug 05, 2011

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I thought this book was okay. For me, there was nothing particularly mind-blowing about it. Much of the advice are mantras I've heard before ("this is the power of positive thinking!") or things I already have in practice (taking responsibility for one's actions, working hard, etc.). There was not much "new" information in this book for me.

I also found some of the information wrong, some of it to the point where it could be harmful to a reader with already low self-esteem. For example, she talks about what a "normal" mind should be like for a Christian. As part of the requirements for "normal," she says a mind should not be busy, and should not wander. This might be true of some people, but for others, it's not. Adam McHugh's "Introverts in the Church" points out that introverts naturally have a busy mind. Brain scans support his claims by showing the chemical activity in the brain of an introvert vs. an extrovert. Joyce Meyers' portrayal of what a "normal" brain should be like would be discouraging to people like me, who are constantly reviewing and reflecting. It is natural, healthy, and -- you guessed it -- "normal" for us to have a busy mind.

Additionally, I had difficulty relating to many of her anecdotes and analogies. I don't mean to put her down, and I am not saying she has never had any real struggles in her life -- I'm sure she has. But many of her stories just made me sigh in frustration. For example, she writes about an experience of God leading her to give a new dress to one of her employees, and she didn't want to give the dress away. (She eventually did, to her credit.) But what about people who are struggling with REAL life-changing decisions? Not everything is so cut-and-dry as "I should give the dress away, because if I keep it, I am being selfish."

However, this book did have some good things about it. For one, the writing style is very accessible. She explains herself very thoroughly when discussing Scripture and her beliefs. Secondly, the use of Scripture throughout the book shows that she is very God-centered in her intentions, even if I don't agree with everything she has to say. It is obvious that she really wants to lead people in a good direction. Finally, her theology is pretty solid. Her beliefs don't line up with mine exactly, but her interpretation is pretty standard.
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message 1: by [deleted user] (new)

I appreciate you for keeping it real, giving your honest critical opinion. You brought the section about the busy mind in a frame of reference that I didn't "catch" while reading this book.

Amanda Thanks for your comment. :) I can appreciate a book even if I don't agree with all of it. :)

message 3: by Carol (new) - added it

Carol Love the way you express yourself

Amanda Thanks. :)

Gina Before I say this I just want to point out that I don't think you are abnormal. Refering to your last comment, although it is completely normal for the fleshly part of you to be busy it is not normal for your Holy Spirit. When the Holy Spirit comes inside somebody the become a new creature. If you are born agian than you probably know that. Although is seems hard it is not impossible. Though the power of the Holy Spirit, Discipline and time one could experience a peaceful mind. She even encourages us in chapter three titled 'Don't Give Up'. Futhermore, Joyce Meyer reference to a dress is just an expression of her opinion that God cares about every stupid little detail of our life. I sorry if my comment coe off a little pushing for that is not my intention.

Amanda No it doesn't, I understand what you're trying to say, I just don't entirely agree. :)

Gina wrote: "Before I say this I just want to point out that I don't think you are abnormal. Refering to your last comment, although it is completely normal for the fleshly part of you to be busy it is not norm..."

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