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Lapdogs by Eric Boehlert
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Apr 04, 08

Read in February, 2008

Where is it written that the media has to play watchdog for the public good??? I thought the media is there to REPORT THE NEWS, not take positions on matters! I have to agree that coverage online is much, much better than what you get on television. Let's face it, the networks and cable are pretty much superfluous at this point, and have been since the 2000 election. Dan Rather and his ilk should have been gone years ago. However, to say that the news rolled over for Bush is wrong, I think if you inserted the name Bill Clinton instead of Bush you would be on target. (The world was burning down around us, and all we got was Monica L.) I also get the feeling that if Bush were a Demoncrat there wouldn't be all this hand wringing among the chattering media types. Nevertheless, it is a new day for electioneering; but you would think because of this we could produce better candidates than Obama, Clinton and McCain. I feel that due to this hyper-media environment you get these type of candidates: empty suit Obama, harridan Hillary, and nutjob McCain.

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