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Married Lovers by Jackie Collins
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Aug 09, 11

Though she throws in a few cameos of characters from previous books, Jackie Collins pulls us into a new sphere with new characters in this novel. Cameron Paradise is a personal trainer with dreams. After escaping her abusive ex-husband in Hawaii, Cameron is working at an exclusive club in LA with an ever-increasing stable of satisfied clients. The newest is talk show sensation Don Verona, a handsome Lothario who immediately becomes intrigued with Cameron when she deflects his advances. Don’s best friends are successful screenwriter Phil Specter, a philanderer with a retired movie star wife who wants to restart her career, and Ryan Lambert, an unhappily married indie movie producer whose wife is the daughter of megabucks blockbuster producer Hamilton Heckerling. Ryan started his marriage enthusiastically enough, but over the past few years, Mandy has become more and more unbearable with her Hollywood snobbery and refusal to accept his family. Ryan starts thinking about divorce, but every time he tries to bring it up, circumstances put a stop to his plans.

Cameron is enjoying her early morning sessions with the charming Don Verona, and even though she keeps turning him down, she finds herself intrigued. That she and Ryan Lambert fall instantly in love when they meet complicates things, but since Ryan is married and off limits anyway, Cameron allows herself to be charmed by Don while she and her friend Cole quit their jobs to start their own fitness center. Cameron is so distracted by her unexpected and unwanted feelings for Ryan, it slips her mind to tell Don about her not-quite ex-husband Gregg, but Gregg has not forgotten about her.

It’s business as usual in Tinseltown. The one exception is the dark and tragic Anya, who was orphaned at a young age and watched her fate slide from bad to worse at the hands of depraved men and women who would steal her humanity. She’s quite a contrast to the other, smoothly glittering characters, but her story in particular really drives the book and gives it depth.

Jackie Collins may not be synonymous with classics, but her books always make me keep turning the pages to find out what will happen next. She also writes with a well-honed sense of irony that always gets a chuckle out of me in the epilogue. Her books are always good, but this one was exceptional, the best she’s written in years.

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