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Eating the Dinosaur by Chuck Klosterman
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Aug 04, 11

Klosterman is kind of a hipster's Malcolm Gladwell - funny, smart, obsessively focused on pop culture and rock and roll and sports, but in a personal way. His first chapter here chronicles how he spent years interviewing celebrities (and others), but, since he has become the subject of interviews, he could not understanding why people feel the need to answer honestly. So he interviewed Ira Glass and Errol Morris about... interviewing. It's a weird post-modern conceit, but it works really well and, ironically, he seems to get some fascinating insights and concessions.
In one section, he asks the following question: If you could contact your teenage self on a phone that only gave you 30 seconds to talk, what would you say? He claims that most women would tell themselves something NOT to do something they did, whereas most men would tell themselves to do something they didn't. Remember that one when the conversation wanes at your next cocktail party.
He does a great chapter on the cultural import of ABBA and one on why Ralph Sampson was such a disappointment in the NBA. He talks about how pro football manages to be both staunchly conservative and wildly (and necessarily) progressive. He writes about the connections between the Branch Davidians and Nirvana's In Utero. It's that kind of book. I wish I was still reading it.

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Scone Mason I heard this guy on the radio, fascinating stuff. As soon as I get my Kindle, I'm going to get this.

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