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A Killing Frost by John Marsden
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Aug 04, 2011

275 pages.Best of the series so far. Marsden continues to explore what happens to kids turned fighters during a war. Marsden does an excellent job of weaving a good story and developing fully realized characters. I would not recommend this book for a pre teen to read. There are violent acts written about in detail. The book could be used by teachers and parents as a jumping off point to discuss the nature of heroism, and loyality, and when or if acts of violence are justified . The book is not an antiwar diatribe. Marsden asks the reader to explore what happens to you during a war. Marsden asks you to think about the after affects of a violent act. If you love to own books then buy the whole seven book series Other wise get your local library to buy all of them. These books should be in a local school library and most large public libraries.

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