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Back Spin by Harlan Coben
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Aug 04, 2011

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** spoiler alert ** Win has brought Myron to the Masters to court a golfers... and into his family's bosom.. first we meet Buckwell - his grandfather, who asks Myron to help, as Cissy (Win's mother)'s recommendation... and then we meet Jack Coldren and Linda Coldren... both are golfers - Linda the best woman's golfer - and Jack has played at the edge... 21 years earlier, at the Masters when last held in Philadelphia, Jack was winning - until at the 16th hole his shot went into the trap - and he blamed his caddy Lloyd for giving him the wrong club. and now he has the chance to win - and is up 8 strokes after round 2... but their son, 16 year old Chad, has been kidnapped, and theyneed Myron's help. Win refuses to help - repeatedly - Win explains that he chooses not to help - that he helps many (like last night when the man arrested and let go for the kidnapping of two boys is found digging up the bodies with lots of evidence to convict him), and makes his choices...

Tadd Crispin is a young golfer, who is signing up with Win as financial advisor... and Win makes quite a case for him to sign with Myron - Tadd doesn't trust agents, but Win comes up with some compelling reasons financial pluses to signing with Myron - we have another scene with Tadd, after Jack's death and his being declared winner - and Myron & Win tell him how to play it or maximum public relations - it's a tie, not a win... give Jack's half to charity... don't toot own horn... etc... and then Tadd advices Myron that he has been having sex withJack's wife Linda.. hmmm

and Tadd has made his own contract with Norm Zucker (sporting goods) and Esme, his assistant - who left Nike to work with Norm...

and we see growth with Esperanza... she almost has her law degree and wants to be full partner with her own office... hmmmm and as Win steps back, Esperanza steps up to help Myron investigate...

so Chad has been missing for a few days... Myron blows his lead in the 3rd round, but it ends with a tie when his competitiveness comes forth and he sinks the 21 foot putt... to tie it... and then he is found dead after midnight near the sandpit... and we find out that Esme is Lloyd's daughter, and she blames jack for her father's drinking & the death of her mother in a car crash... and knowing that Jack and Norm are gay and are seeing eachother 20 years later, she entices Chad to a cheap motel for sex thinking he would seehis dad with Norm, and that emotional discovery would put Jack off his game... but Jack doesn't show up... so Esme hires a biker/drug dealer to kidnap Chad from the hotel - and the kidnapper gets it into his mind for more money, so he cuts the kid's finger ... then Esme kills the kidnapper for it... and when it is apparent Jack is going to try to win inspite of his son, Esme kills Jack... mother and son are reunited... but then we find out that Linda is the one who actually killed Jack - as his not willing to loose the Masters might lead to their son's death - she only wanted to wound him, but....

and Cissy meets with Myron, and tells him abouthow at the age of 8 Win had been out with Jack, and Jack arranged things so that Win would catch his mother in the horse barn with his trainer - and Win did not speak to his mother again... and now she is dying, and want Win to know... she has had a private eye reporting to her about win, she sends him a birthday gift (returned) each year... and apparently Win has been keeping tabs on mom, because he already knew she was dying before Myron tells him... and when Myron says something to Win about the shock of what he saw, and not loving his mom, Win says when did I say I didn't love her... and after Jack's murder is solved, Myron goes to sit with Cissy her last 3 days - since Win couldn't... and Win steps into the room for a moment, and leaves - but giving Cissy some measure of peace... and Win has been in the house waiting... ahhhh

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message 1: by Lyrpa (new)

Lyrpa Interesting review, but some of the facts are wrong. Buckwell is Win's uncle. Myron went to see Cissy at the end to confront her about setting up Jack all those years ago. Win came to see her and Myron happened to be there. Win sat with his mother for her last three days while Myron sat in the hall and waited for him which speaks volumes about their friendship. Win said that he stayed with her because he did not want her to die alone.

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