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The Chapters Due by Graham McNeill
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Aug 04, 2011

really liked it
Read from September 02, 2011 to March 21, 2012

It was interesting that I read this novel directly after finishing the Book of Fire trilogy by Nick Kyme. Why? Well, Chapter's Due was written before the end of the trilogy, Nocturne, came out. But they share an awful lot of strange similarities. an awful lot. That being said, it is almost definitely for the simple reason that I read Nocturne before Chapter's Due that I liked the former a little better. Weird right?

I followed all of the Ultramarine's books, all six of them, and although they all followed a simple line of continuity from start to finish, this one, seemed almost out of place with the others. I am not saying McNeill isn't an excellent writer, he is, and maybe one of the best in the BL stable. I am however saying that Chapter's Due was the scale and scope of what I expect the novel, Know No Fear is going to be about. Because I have read THIS tale of the defense of Ultramar that basically spells out the end of Know No Fear, I will prob like that novel a little less too, because it will basically be a 10,000 year older repeat tale with different characters, whose fates I happen to now know.

Chapter's Due just did not seem as good as the others in the series, the character of Ventris was much more of a minor character to other Captains and Chapter Masters. (Speaking of which, Read Fall of Damnos before this, it sets up Capt. Sicarius and the 2nd better) Perhaps if I had read Nocturne after this, and Know No Fear wasn't about what it's about I would have a more positive outlook on this novel, but I think my feelings over the treatment of the characters themselves would not change.

Also, it might be because this is around the 40th Black Library 30-40K novel I have read now, but characters are beginning to merge together in their similarities, can someone out there tell me, REALLY, tell me the differences between Pasinius and Ba'ken?

Rant over.

If you ask me in a couple of days if Chapter's Due was good I will say, YES. The entire series is worth reading. That is why I gave it the four stars. I just might be getting overwhelmed by the repeat themes and character archetypes, which makes me sad, because it has been a glorious run, and the Horus series is nowhere near complete.

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