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Dog Sense by John W.S. Bradshaw
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Sep 01, 11

Read from August 04 to 31, 2011

A very well written book representing the evolution of the present day dog from a common ancestor with todays wolf. He points out that dogs did not evolve from the wolf. He postulates how todays canid became domesticated primarily to serve man primarily as a help in sheparding, hunting and other practical purposes. Man began breeding dogs for specific traits which enhanced these skills. Breeds have become increasingly inbred This inbreeding for physical attributes has become problematic to the health of some breed. Breed and show organizations have been the root cause of this problem. The role of dogs todays is providing a companion a to its owner more so then for practical work purpose. Some breeds still carry the work traits that they were originally bred. Those original work traits make certain breeds less suitable for companion purposes.

Bradshaw speaks to the physical, perceptual and psychological make up of dogs such as their superior scent capability. He offers for consideration ideas of how people and more effectively interface with there dogs for the positive benefit of both.

I enjoyed reading this book since I have had dogs since I was a young lad. I wish that I new then what I have learned now.


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