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The Secret by Rhonda Byrne
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Aug 04, 2011

did not like it

When I picked up this book, I had no idea what it was all about. In a few ways it is kinda funny because I know all the positive thinking in the world can't save ones' soul, but at the same time it is sad. But overall I have been enlightened and hopefully on the road to using parts of "the secret" in my own life.

If I could change something about this book I would have had more specific instructions especially concerning positive thinking when it comes to weight loss. I would have liked more specifics in history of "the secret" being used, and definitely more personal testimony. Maybe this was in the book and I missed it but where does medical ailments in the body come in to play when it comes to the whole attracting bad things to you? such as people being born with medical conditions or birth defects? These are just things I personally wanted to know.

The writer didn't really write a lot of this book. It was mostly quotes from motivational speakers, doctors, and fairly successful people. I didn't dislike the way it was written, but I can understand if other people were or are annoyed by this.

There was no one specific speaker that stood out to me- except for possibly the out of context Bible verses the author used. But I loved the idea of the visualization and goal boards. I am going to use that to get MY house. I am going to wake up grateful every morning, as well.

A few of the things in this book reminded me of my childhood when I would go to bed every night trying to visualize a new toy I wanted (I never got it by the way) or wanting something supernatural to happen to me (again, nothing happened). But I don't want those things to stop attracting good things into my life.

Many people will say this is a load of crock and some people may believe this wholeheartedly in a religious way, but I am somewhere in the middle. I know the "the secret" isn't God, but I also know the principles are real and fairly accurate. I just don't know how to put the two together.

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