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Finding Our Way Again by Brian D. McLaren
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Aug 03, 11

liked it

The book comes in at a little over two hundred pages and includes a neat little study guide in the back and some questions at the end of each chapter designed to help the reader put into practice what was just read.

The book is split up into three sections, 'Way', 'Practices', 'Ancient'.

The ancient practices are a way to build character, wake up to God (aliveness), and experience God.

The most hard hitting question found at the end of chapter 1 for me was looking at my relationship with God as if it were a marriage and then ask myself, 'What does that look and how is going?'. Brian doesn't pose his questions exactly like that, but that's the gist.

Fixed hour prayer, walking in this life as Jesus walked, fasting, tithing etc... These practices are important and should be implemented in the lives of Christians just as much as the life of a Muslim or Jew. The ancient practices help the individual maintain focus on God and reminds us at times, how fragile we all are and how we need something outside of us to strengthen us. We find that we rely on God's strength and God's power to give us patience, when needed, rather than muster up the strength ourselves. When we do the opposite, we have a tendency to fall flat on our faces quite often.

There is so much that I could go into detail about, but won't, for it would be a much, much longer review.

The final four chapters on 'Katharsis', 'Fotosis', & 'Theosis', was something that really stood out to me. The use of the Abess and the visitor making a home out of a beaten down, dilapidated old house, was a fascinating little journey. I immensely enjoyed these last few chapters. I hope you do as well.

All in all, I like this book. It wasn't a hard hitting, shocking, 'ah ha' kind of a book, but it was interesting reading McLaren's thoughts and insights into how the Christian can and should adopt the ancient ways of the first century church and the practices of other religions, if it helps in maintaining focus on God, giving worship to God and living as God wants us to all live.

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