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Blood Hunt by Shannon K. Butcher
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Feb 19, 2015

really liked it
bookshelves: immortal_warriors, paranormal-romance, vampires
Read on August 03, 2011

The lead shifts from the Theroni warriors to the Sanguinar, as the self-sacrificing - and a bit manipulative - Logan, takes the lead in this newest entry to Butcher's Sentinel Wars.

Despite the fact - please don't shoot me for this - that I've had a hard time keeping the Sanguinar straight as individuals, I was really looking forward to this story shedding some light shed on the blood drinking Sanguinar Race and their secret project. I've always wondered why the Theroni warriors were so distrustful of and so unwilling to give their blood to their Sanguinar allies, especially in light of the fact that those allies' healing powers have come in handy so many times through out the series.

After getting a little ways into the story and armed with a little more knowledge of the Sanguinar's struggle, I just couldn't see how Logan was ever going to get a happily ever after with Hope - a woman with uber yummy blood, some not quite human powers, and a big mental block in her head where her past should be - and when I got to the the last few chapters I was afraid his story line was going 'to be continued' and not wrapped up until the next book. There did end up being closure for them here - insert big sigh of relief her - though it's sort of rushed. On a side note about how the story was put together, Logan's story does get most of the screen time but with a lot more going on in Blood Hunt than just Logan and Hope, often a scene between them would ramp up to an exciting point and then shift to another part of the story - because, as was the case in the last book, Blood Hunt is an ensemble piece.

In addition to the main thread with Logan and Hope : we briefly touch up with Caine and Sybil - who is coping with the changes brought on by her mother's death - and with Nika and Maddox - but only in conjunction with Nika's completely damaged sister Tori. We get a small bit with Jackie - who is apparently every warrior's match but who wants no man - and get just enough of the soulless Iain to make me hope that somehow there is a loophole for him in the future. There is also a new wrinkle added to the series as naked Slayers come a calling, and the story has a few other small bits with other characters woven in here and there. However, even with all those threads weaving through the story, I was slightly disappointed that the formerly paralyzed Torr and Grace, the woman who sacrificed so that he could be whole, never come out of the background - guess Butcher might be saving them for a book where their thread is the main one.

So, bottom line is that I liked Blood Hunt, though it didn't knock the previous book out of my favorite-of-the-series spot, and since Butcher has a lot of balls in the air story-wise, it will be interesting to see what happens next. As far as starting here if you are new to the series, I wouldn't recommend it, and old fans who haven't done a series reread before starting Blood Hunt might want to stop about half way into the book and do a second read through of the character list at the front of the book - it's easier to digest somehow after having seen the characters interacting together a bit.

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