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Room by Emma Donoghue
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Aug 03, 11

did not like it
Read in April, 2011

This book was a let-down after the hype. I think the idea behind the book was good, but it was poorly executed. A lot of people give it praise because of the unique idea that it was narrated by a 5 year old child. However, the author seemed to go out of her way to make that "unique" and it didn't work. The poor grammar was distracting, and I could have dealt with it if it was consistent, but apparently this 5 year old cannot speak properly in his own head yet seems to be able to do it fairly well when he speaks aloud to strangers. And if his mother was trying so hard to educate him, making him a whiz in math and vocabulary, why wouldn't she correct his English skills? It just doesn't make sense. It's a gimmick that just didn't work.

The story itself didn't even work that well. Too many things were unrealistic, although I hesitated to get into them without spoiling the story.

Other inconsistencies include the use of British terms even though the story is set in America.

I'm obviously in the minority on my opinion of this book but I am sorry I wasted my time with it.

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