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Equal Rites by Terry Pratchett
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M 50x66
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Aug 03, 2011

really liked it

Pratchett loves language, that much is clear from the book, and I must say, storywise, this is an improvement from the first Discworld, which I though was rather a jumble of cool ideas that were only very loosely connected. This, however, read as a single story, though the ending left something to desire. Then again, Esk, the main characters, is slightly underwhelmed herself, so I guess that must be the point.

The story was, however, very imaginative, with building having personalities and such, and I love the way the staff is described as glaring at people etc.

One thing that does somewhat bother me in Pratchett's work is his unscrupulous use of our own world in describing Discworld. Though often to humourous effect, it also tends to break my immersion in the story. Sometimes this is okay, like on the very first page, where he says "Watch closely, the special effects are quite expensive"; on the other hand, there is a rather dramatic moment later on in the book, but then he describes the light the characters see as one that would have Steven Spielberg reaching for his copyright lawyer. A good joke in its own right, but rather breaks the dramatic tension.

However, his rich language, humour and interesting dealing with real world problems (in this case, sexism) made this an interesting read, as made clear by the fact that I read it in a twelve hour span of time (with a few hours off for eating and watching TV).

I'll be ordering more Discworld soon.

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