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Killing Britney by Sean Olin
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Apr 03, 2008

bookshelves: horror
Read in March, 2008

** spoiler alert ** Reference information:
Title: “Killing Britney”
Author: Sean Olin
Publisher: Simon & Schuster Children’s Publishing Year: 2005
# of pages: 234 Genre: YA Fiction
Reading level: Interest level: Ages 14-up
Potential hot lava: Deals with murder and has gore.

General response/reaction:
Honestly when I picked this book up, I thought it was going to be about Britney Spears but on a more serious note, I figured it would be a stupid teen book about a popular cheerleader that gets murdered or something of that matter. But, when I started reading, it was nothing what I originally expected. I was thrown for a loop at the ending when the main character ended up being the mastermind behind all the murders.

Subjects, Themes, and Big Ideas:
- Horror
- Murder
- Betrayal
- Friendships
- Be careful who trust

Britney- main character, transformed from geek to popular socialite, one of the hockey wives
Hockey wives- Erin, Daphney, Cindy and Jodi all consist of Britney’s new friends who date other hockey players
Ed Johnson- Britney’s widower father who is a District Attorney in their hometown
Adam- troubled teen from New Hampshire who is the son of a friend of Ed Johnson, comes to live with the Johnson’s in Wisconsin
Melissa- Best friend of Britney who has stuck with her through everything
Ricky- Britney’s hockey star boyfriend who is killed by hit and run at a gas station at the beginning of the book

Plot summary:
Starting the book out, we are introduced to Britney Johnson the main character of the book. She is one of the ‘Hockey Wives’ as they call themselves, girlfriends of hockey players at La Follete High School. A fight breaks out at the game between Ricky, Britney’s boyfriend. After winning the hockey game there is always a big party at Troy a fellow hockey player’s house. After getting into a fight Ricky takes Britney home. She gets out of the car and tells him they’ll talk about it tomorrow. Ricky speeds off in an anger state and cannot remember how to get out of Britney’s neighborhood. Living on the other side of town, he almost was out of gas and someone was following too closely to him. He pulls over to a gas station and trying to get out of the way, a red pick up truck smacks into his car dragging and killing the hockey player. Britney finds out the horrible news the next day. Britney has had to deal with death before; her mother drowned a few years before in a water rafting accident and they never found her body. At Ricky’s funeral she had a hard time but she felt weird. Like someone was out to get her. The Police were investigating but when Melissa and her brother Karl are both murdered next, Britney questions why people close to her keep being murdered. With two suspects, Britney’s ex- friend, Bobby Plumley or the troubled teen Adam from New Hampshire that is living with the Johnson’s. After Mr. Johnson finds Britney and Adam in bed together, that is when all hell breaks loose. Adam and Bobby get in a fight at Melissa’s funeral because after Adam found Bobby spying on Britney in the bath tub, no one really trusts Bobby anymore. Mr. Johnson is then found dead at their home; Bobby calls Britney on her cell phone and says he knows who the killer is. She meets him at the park but takes a knife in case. Adam and Officer Russell go to find Britney. It is winter in Wisconsin and the lake is iced over. There is a shed on the ice where fishermen go ice fishing, Bobby is locked in it. They ask where Britney is, and he acts suspicious and says that she went into the whole. He is holding a note in his hand that says “I’ve had enough. I’m through with all of you.” Adam tries to go after Britney but it is too late. Bobby has gun residue on his hand. He is charged with the murders of Ed and Britney Johnson. Karl Brown, who was murdered as well, was who killed Ricky. Come to find out at the end of the book, Britney is still a live, kills Adam, dyes her hair and moves to New York and goes by the name Jan, her mother’s name. She confesses that she knows a girl named Britney who killer her mother for tormenting her life, she had her boyfriend Karl do it. She also convinced Karl to kill her then boyfriend Ricky for trying to find out answers to her mothers death. Karl then became jealous, and after telling him things were off and he wouldn’t take no for an answer, she had to kill him and anyone who got in her way. She explained how she had escaped swimming for her life. Britney was going to continue the killing spree.

Strengths (including reviews and awards):
This book was very well written. I love horror books or anything with mystery. I couldn’t put the book down until I found out who the killer(s) were.

Drawbacks or other cautions:
If you do not like suspense or reading gore, this book is not for you. It’s a book about betrayal and how one girl is a psychopath.

Teaching ideas:
Before Reading
- Predictions of who the killer is?
- Show a movie clip from a movie of a similar genre or a scary movie with a killer going after the “popular girl”
During Reading
- Have students develop a theme web
- Discussions after each chapter
- Quiz to make sure students are reading
- Role play the characters
- Journal Entries
After Reading
- Making a movie trailer of what students think are the important parts of this book
- Essay questions (i.e. writing a different ending)
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