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Caged in Darkness by J.D. Stroube
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Aug 21, 11

did not like it
Read on August 21, 2011

Caged in Darkness had the potential to be a really good book, but the abundance of spelling/grammar/sentence structure issues kept me from enjoying the story (seriously, I want my $2.99 back because it was just ridiculous). The premise was really good, but everything was just poorly executed and the writing needs work.I felt like the character's personalities were never really nailed down; nothing more than words on paper because the writing just wasn't up to par. I could never really form a picture of them in my head and had a hard time connecting with them and the story. While we're talking about the writing, I felt like there was a very noticeable shift in the writing style/quality after the first three journal entries. Was it just me? The writing after Savannah reaches Maye's place just wasn't the same as the writing before that point. Also, the story kept shifting from one thing to the next. It was just very disjointed. It's a shame because I really liked Ash and Savannah in the beginning, but once I got up to about 40% on my kindle, reading became a chore.
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60.0% "The concept is good, but the writing needs work and there are a lot of spelling/grammar/sentence structure issues."

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Jessica Roe Hmmm... there is a difference in the writing style after the first three journal entries, but they were written about her past. I think that is where the difference is. I actually thought the book got better! I only noticed a few typos in the very middle of the book. Did you read past the 40%? The book got really good! The shifting when she changed perspectives, but she labeled when she switched to Ash or Liam's POV. Maybe it's just a personal preference, but I loved it.

message 6: by Dani (new) - added it

Dani I loved it too! I'm an English major and I didn't think that there were issues with grammar or sentence structure... Are you talking about the dialogue? That is structured the way the characters talk. All books seem like they have issues with grammar for dialogue... people don't talk with perfect grammar.

Bodea Jessica wrote: "Hmmm... there is a difference in the writing style after the first three journal entries, but they were written about her past. I think that is where the difference is. I actually thought the book ..."

I read the whole thing. I can't not finish a book I've started, especially if I'm goign to bother commenting on it. Like I said, the premise was great and there were some good points, but the issues with grammar/writng overshadowed that for me. Also, I wasn't talking about the tense shift.

Dani, I'm also an English major, but when I'm reading, writing, or conversing for enjoyment, it's not something that I focus on. I also don't expect characters to use perfect grammar at all times. So, for me to notice, I figure it was a problem. There were alot of errors that I think should have been caught by the editor.

I'm glad that you guys enjoyed the book though. I didn't. Doesn't mean it's a horrible book, it just means it's not my cup of tea. It happens.

Sarah Palicka Bodea I would keep in mind that you can have an opinion about a book but still be respectful to the author that put all the time, effort, love and passion into it.

Bodea Sarah, I would keep in mind that everyone’s interpretation of the word respectful differs and that it’s hard to gauge someone’s tone over the net. We’re all entitled to our opinion. I simply spoke mine. I understand that the author put a lot of hard work into this book. I’m not discounting that. I am giving my opinion based on my reading experience. Sorry it couldn’t be more positive, but the reality is not everyone is going to read a book and love it (or even like it). The person paying for said book should be able to say so.

Mawgojzeta Bodea: I did not feel your review was disrespectful to the author.

message 1: by Jennifer (last edited Dec 28, 2013 05:41PM) (new) - rated it 2 stars

Jennifer Jensen (Literally Jen) Bodea's review is not disrespectful to the author. There is a difference between a constructively critical review and a bashing-on-the-author review. I, for one, appreciate the review because it is comprised of her honest opinions of the book—opinions that will help other readers determine if this is a book they should read.

Those of you that are English majors: I'm surprised (and perhaps a bit concerned) that neither one of you noticed just how many problems there are pertaining to grammar in this book. I don't think I've come across even one page yet that doesn't have more than one mistake. It's not an issue of misspelled or missing words but improper punctuation. I've been marking some of the ones that have stood out the most to me to refer back to for my review.

I know that most readers probably do not look for these things or notice them while they read, but I always have. For a book to make a good impression on me, it needs to have an engaging story line as well as proper writing and grammar.

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