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Vampire Instinct by Joey W. Hill
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Anyone familiar with Joey W. Hill’s Vampire Queen Series will relish this newest installment. In Vampire Instinct we are introduced to a different kind of hero. Malachi is a vampire who has been turned, not born, and is Native American. For the most part he stays away from the vampire world, remaining at his sanctuary for feline predators. So when vampire Lady Daniela asks for his help in rehabilitating feral vampire children, he isn’t certain he is up to the task. Enter Elisa; Daniela’s servant and a woman who has lost much at the hands of the children in her care. Mal and Elisa don’t appear to have much in common, but as past tragedies are revealed they discover they need each other far more than they realize.

As with Ms. Hill’s previous books, Vampire Instinct is impossible to put down. The characters come to life on the page, becoming living, breathing people. Malachi is extremely sexy as a vampire who resists his darker compulsions, while Elisa is the perfect heroine to test him at every turn and peel away the layers to reveal the man beneath the tough façade. There is heartbreak, there is love, and there is so much emotion in this novel it’s impossible to formulate into words. It’s difficult to reveal too much about Elisa and Mal for fear of ruining the story. However, it is safe to say Mal learns to master the fragile and traumatized Elisa in the same cautious fashion he approaches her vampire charges. Although the heat and chemistry between the protagonists is off the charts, it’s the deeper emotional connection that will bring readers back to this book when they want a tear-jerker read.

Vampire Instinct is an absolute must buy for those who enjoy thoroughly developed characters, a soul-deep emotional journey, and the perfect amount of BDSM.

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