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Cold Vengeance by Douglas Preston
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Aug 17, 2011

really liked it
Read from August 02 to 17, 2011

Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child bring back the ever popular Pendergast for another wild ride as he searches for the secrets of his wife's death.

While I've always loved the Pendergast stories, most focused on terrorizing the poor sods who entered the Museum of Natural History in New York. Fever Dream, released in 2010 started a whole new plot and started the series in what I think is a great new direction.

Pendergast's past, his family and people that support him have always been a bit of a mystery. In Fever Dream, we are thrust into Pendergast's past relationship with his wife, her horrific death and the realization her death may have been planned. This book was action-packed and instead of focusing on the characters surrounding Pendergast it instead focused on Pendergast himself.

The end of Fever Dream felt more like a sad ending with the possibility of a cliffhanger. With Gideon's Sword I wondered if Preston and Child gave up on one of my favorite characters. It was with absolute pleasure that I saw Cold Vengeance show up on the home page of

With the release of Cold Vengeance, we pick up where Pendergast left off. The story focuses on Pendergast's tenacious attempts to learn what happened to his wife while risking his life at every turn. This is a dark book with some new characters and some very surprising plot twists with others. The book is fast-paced and shows a more fallible side of Pendergast we rarely see.

If you have not read a Pendergast novel in the past, I would not recommend you start here. There are many characters, plots and past stories that come together in this book and they are not explained. Naturally, it would be best to pick up this series from the beginning but at least start with Fever Dream before Cold Vengeance. To get a real sense of character and learn how all this ties together you might start with the Diogenes Trilogy (

I would have given the book a full 5 stars but there are some secret cult/evil power bits that I felt started falling into the same genre of books such as The Da Vinci Code. Mind you I like those books but that has been done before.

Great Pendergast Novel, Great Story and Great Fun!


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