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Vampire Knight, Vol. 3 by Matsuri Hino
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Jun 01, 15

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Love Vampire Knight! For some reason I find the dark ambiance of Cross Academy quite charming. Even when the story seems to drag, the characters and setting are enough to get me through. And the plot did drag a bit in this book. Though quite a lot happened, and there was a great deal of back-story provided through flashbacks, the trouble is that new elements keep being slowly added, and too few are being resolved, so that all the actions only seem to be rising actions, and no climax is ever reached. Thus the plot can become a bit stagnant at times - such long and complex story arcs usually need smaller arcs throughout in order to keep the story moving, and the reader motivated. Nevertheless, though this story seems to have an insufficient number of such smaller arcs, the characters are enough to pull it through. I'm quite curious about the new transfer student, I can already tell she's bad news. The dynamic amongst the love triangle of Kaname, Yuki and Zero is really complex, but my money is on Zero and Yuki, because of the side story at the end - even though Kaname loves Yuki, he leaves her, while Zero, even though he couldn't bring himself to go to her, still stayed outside her door all night, looking out for her. Yet I could be wrong - such a complex trio! I can't wait to go on to the next book and see what will happen next!

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