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Time Untime by Sherrilyn Kenyon
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Aug 08, 12

it was amazing
bookshelves: paranormal, favorites, action
Read on August 08, 2012 , read count: 1

Every SK book I read makes me cry my eyes off, every one! I hope she never stops writing.

His gaze searched hers as if he sought something he’d lost. “Why are you on top of me?”
Heat scalded her cheeks as she realized just how intimate they were in this position. “You were comfy. The floor wasn’t.… And I was cold so I figured you were too.” She bit her lip as that heat lit her entire body up and she realized that her excuse wasn’t really viable. “I was trying to conserve body heat for both of us.”
Yeah, it sounded phony to her too.[Ren and Kateri]

"[...]America doesn’t need gun control. What they need is idiot control."
“I don’t have a gun,” Kateri reminded him as she realized that she and the blond with short hair were the only two non-fanged beings in this group.
He snorted. “Bullet or arrow … really, would it make a difference to you if you had to have someone dig it out of your ass?”
[...]The man had a point, but she wasn’t about to concede it.
“You better lay off her, Sasha,” the other blond said. “Or she’s liable to shoot you on purpose.”[Poor Sasha :)))) getting his ass shot with arrows =))))]

He looked over at Urian. “And you’ll have to sit it out.”
“You’re related to a Greek god. You hit the Valley and you’ll be real sorry for the last few minutes you’re alive.”
Urian pointed to Ren. “He’s a cousin.”
“Who is also Keetoowah. They’ll let him in. He’s an exception.”
“Well, that sucks. What if I wanted to go sightseeing?”
“I’d suggest an online tour.”[Ash and Urian are crazy =))]

"Why are you under such heavy fire?”
Nick gave him a droll stare. “Oh, I don’t know. But we’re really enjoying it. Fear has such a wonderfully romantic scent to it that they ought to turn it into cologne and deodorant. Eau de Ew. Let’s all just take a minute, and bask in it.”[Ren and Nick]

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08/08/2012 "I so exited to start this!" 2 comments
39.0% "Started it for good and it's breaking my heart. No one writes heartbreaking and tortured as SK does!"
56.0% "“Are you sending Tory and Bas here for protection?” Alexion asked.
Ash shook his head. “I sent them to my mother when all of this started. Should we fail, I figure that’s the safest place. At least I know how far she’ll go to protect them.”
“True enough. All right, I’ll go watch the statues and let you know if one of them twitches.”
84.0% "OMFG! I never saw this one coming, really haven't!!
Hint: Involves Apolymi" 4 comments

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Alkyoni Urian is the guy that I read about in the fourth book, right? (view spoiler)

Aly is so frigging bored Yes, and, actually, his dad cut his neck, 'cuz he thought he was betraying him... He's very droll and sarcastic :D

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