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Retribution by Sherrilyn Kenyon
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Aug 03, 2011

it was amazing
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Sherrilyn Kenyon has weaved her unbelievable magic yet again. There is something that comes close to perfection when it comes to books written by Sherrilyn. There isn’t a series of hers that I don’t like. I even love her Historical’s under the name Kinley MacGregor. She just has this way of pulling her characters totally out of the book as you read so they are dementedly playing around in your head. I can see, I can feel, and I so want to touch all her Alpha males.

Retribution was just another prime example of why I love the Dark Hunter series so much. There are a great many series that I have read that got to the point and I have been ‘eh’ and dropped them away and never picked up another book again. I have yet to even feel that urge for the Dark Hunter Series. I have to admit that when I started this book, I had to go digging around Zarek’s book a bit to remember who Jess was. I read Zarek’s book about three years ago and it was one of my favorites. Then it all clicked into place. Sherrilyn does an excellent job at taking a very troubled past and making the characters learn from it more than dwell on the fact they made mistakes. Yes, they know that there is a huge possibility that they may be suffering because they did horrible things, but they manage to understand all the things that they have done that is wrong. They accept and they move forward. Dark Hunters live forever, if they immersed themselves in there torment, like a lot of the fine Dark Hunters have, they miss something so essential. They lose the ability to love.

In Jess’s case, he is not adverse to the idea; he simple just can’t open up fully to a woman till Abby crash lands back in his life. How easy was it to just root for Abby? God, for me I could feel so much of myself in her. Not that I ran out, got injected with demon blood so I could fight Dark Hunters or anything. But her entire personality belies how strong her physical person is. She can kick ass and take names. However, when she stops for a moment, her mind and emotions take over and you see a really scared, vulnerable woman hidden under all that petite hostility.

I loved the addition of Sasha and Ren, was totally awesome! They sort of made the action scenes entertaining. Not only did this book provide for me the total fast paced action that every Dark Hunter book does (I have to say though, this one was way better than the last one), but it allowed us to watch Acheron’s son to be born. Not only was that scene intense, but she entered in Artemis, and by god what the heck happened there?!?! Does Artie have a heart that none of us knew about! I was sobbing during that whole scene and I couldn’t believe that Artie took responsibility for her mistakes. That she looked at it without those gold colored glasses she seems to always wear and realize that because of all of her mistakes, it made her lose the one person she actually wanted. I saw her in such a new light. Do I think that Artie is totally reformed? HA! What fun would she be if that was the case? I’m sure we will see more of the heifer-goddess in all her nasty glory.

I could go on and on about this series, and how much I really enjoyed this book. Although it diverted a little from the last one, I have to say it was refreshing, exciting, and it made me sob. I loved this addition to the series!
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