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Blackstaff by Steven Schend
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Aug 01, 11

The writing style took a bit getting used to. Starting several sentences in a row with Khelben said, Tsarra said, or Laeral said is quite annoying. It came across as like a bunch of schoolgirls talking. At least, that's how it seemed to me. But once you get passed that, the characters are quite nice and rememberable.

Some of the writing didn't seem edited. At times, reading this book was like walking through thick mud, it trudged along with half-thoughtout sentences and once an entire paragraph was duplicated. And no, it certainly wasn't on purpose even though the paragraph was about hearing something again.

The story was okay. I liked it, but felt let down along the way. Characters who were built up had small endings or dull outcomes. I never got the feel for why anyone would want to sacrifice themselves for this return of old magic. For something that's been gone for 12 centuries, I wasn't impressed with the results of its return. You could say it's just part of the mysteries of Mystra, but come on we're not actually in Faerun. Give me a story to remember and wish I was there. Ah well.


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