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iZombie, Vol. 1 by Chris Roberson
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Aug 02, 2011

really liked it
bookshelves: adult, graphicnovel, vampires, zombies
Read from July 30 to August 01, 2011

This is so much fun. Think Buffy, except that she's a zombie.

I was originally attracted to this because I thought she would be a cyber-zombie ("i" connotes technology to me), but be warned, she's not. There are ghosts, vampires, a wereterrier, a mummy, and of course, a mystery. You don't know quite who to trust. But this is clearly an establishing volume for a much larger story.

And I think I'll read the rest.

At first glance, I wasn't a big fan of the illustrations, but they really do serve the story well, and/or the story really is that strong so that you're sucked into it and don't notice the illustrations.

Just... fun.

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Samrat Ooh! I'd been looking for a first-person zombie book. I don't usually connect to graphic novels, but this looks gooood. Thanks for the recommendation.

Raina Absolutely my pleasure! It's a little more difficult for GNs to be strictly first person, so this may not exactly fit your needs, but it should be fun anyway. It helps that this zombie is able to avoid becoming "shambling and inarticulate."

Samrat I'm not sure if first-person is what I mean so much as having a zombie who's a character rather than featuring zombies as shambling hordes for the background. I FEEL like I did read a book with a zombie-person character, but the only thing I can think of racking my brain was a bit part from Feed, which I highly recommend if you haven't read it yet.


Also, I don't know what age range you recommend books for, but I loved I Am a Genius of Unspeakable Evil and I Want to be Your Class President and thought of you and your audience.


Raina Well, this would definitely work for that. :)

Sigh... no, I still haven't read Feed. I want to, but I haven't gotten to it yet.

Ditto with I Am a Genius... It's on my list, but (maybe because I'm not a huge fan of the cover), it hasn't bumped up to the top yet.

Thanks for the recommendation, though!

jess Raina, you had me at "Buffy."

Samrat I tend to be a genuinely "PC" person, and not to stay PC, but, you know, 'cause it's the right thing to do and I Am a Genius is a little less PC than I'd like, but all of it is over-the-top and the narrator is EVIL, so I think younger readers will be able to discern his behavior as inappropriate. This is all to say that, yeah, the ha-ha-fat-people-are-funny cover bugged me a bit, too... unless that's not why it bothers you and I'm reading into it too much.

Jess, me too.

Raina Ha! Jess, now, of course, I'm a little nervous - she's not a slayer, exactly - that's just the general vague. But I hope you enjoy it regardless.

Samrat, lol. I hadn't analyzed it to that extent, but you might be right about my under-the-surface reasons for not liking the cover. What age are you thinking for that?

jess Don't worry. If I hate it, I will call you out by name and link to you.

(uhm, i'm kidding. maybe you know me at least that well?)

Raina Oh, good. My evil plan is working. ;) General vague? I think I meant general vibe. But whatevs.

Samrat I think the phrase you're searching for is neurotic over-analysis. ;)

It stars an eighth-grader, so I think grades 5-9? I can't think of any content that would be inappropriate for a precocious third or fourth grader and the language is rarely difficult... Though it may scare them for middle school, so have an adult remind them that this is an over-the-top parody and the teasing won't be that bad.

Raina Cool! Thanks!

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