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Gone with the Wind by Margaret Mitchell
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Aug 13, 12

it was amazing
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Read in August, 2012

I don't think there are enough words to describe how much I LOOOOVED Gone with the Wind! Hands down, some of the BEST characters in literature! Every page was a portal to the Civil War-torn South and I just could not get enough. I savored so many passages and tried to hold out on finishing it for as long as possible because I simply couldn't bear for it to end! Gone with the Wind has definitely earned a spot in my permanent collection and in my all-time favorite books. I look forward to curling up with the selfish and strong, Scarlett, and the swoon-worthy scallywag, Rhett (who has some of the best lines I've ever read!), again soon. Simply grand!!
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Reading Progress

06/10/2012 page 1
0.0% 1 comment
06/12/2012 page 140
14.0% "Enjoying cups of Southern Pecan coffee while reading! Part Two coming up..." 1 comment
07/01/2012 page 221
22.0% "I think we agreed on the occasion of our first meeting that you were no lady at all." 2 comments
07/01/2012 page 284
28.0% "Part Three. The power outage over the last few days has allowed for some nice, uninterrupted reading time. Also, the heat is providing great ambience for reading a book about the deep South."
07/03/2012 page 304
30.0% "You should be kissed and by someone who knows how. *swoon*"
07/05/2012 page 390
38.0% "Was Tara still standing? Or was Tara also gone with the wind which had swept through Georgia?"
07/06/2012 page 421
41.0% "As God is my witness, as God is my witness, the Yankees aren't going to lick me. I'm going to live through this, and when it's over, I'm never going to be hungry again. No, nor any of my folks. If I have to steal or kill --- as God is my witness, I'm never going to be hungry again."
07/07/2012 page 509
50.0% "How exciting was Part Three?! Wow! I could barely put it down! Like Scarlett, I'm pretty relieved the war is over. Starting Part Four..."
07/10/2012 page 635
62.0% "I love the bantering between Scarlett and Rhett! They seem to love nothing more than pushing each other's buttons and trying to get their own way. Could they want each other more?!?" 2 comments
07/25/2012 page 823
80.0% "Really, Scarlett, I can't go all my life, waiting to catch you between husbands." 1 comment
07/28/2012 page 859
84.0% "For instance when she decided to change the name of "Kennedy's General Store" to something more edifying, she asked him to think of a title that would include the word "emporium." Rhett suggested "Caveat Emptorium," assuring her that it would be a title most in keeping with the type of goods sold in the store."
08/01/2012 page 1024
100.0% "I'm not really a book-cryer, but this book certainly had me boo-hooing. Some of the greatest characters I've ever had the pleasure of knowing! *gasp* I can't believe the book is over already!!"

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message 1: by Angela (new) - added it

Angela One day soon, I hope to be brave enough to tackle it. I keep seeing it at Target and I really need to buy it! Your updates constantly remind me. I can't wait!!

message 2: by Julia (new)

Julia Grundling wow - respect!! well done!! :)

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