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Blackout by Rob Thurman
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Jul 31, 2011

really liked it
bookshelves: paranormal, own, mystery-suspense, new-york-city
Read in July, 2011

Blackout is very much on par with the rest of the series, which I find enjoyable.
My few complaints have more to do with the editing than the story.
I have no problem with the language (if you don't like cursing, you really shouldn't be reading these books anyway), but the often random placement of curses interrupted the flow of the story sometimes. Honestly, it seemed as though Ms. Thurman was asked to add in more curse words after she turned in her manuscript. Perhaps they said, "Add in 200 more, we don't care where you put them. We need this to be EDGY." (I find it amusing that crass language is sometimes all it takes to classify something as "edgy".)
Curses can be used in many varied ways - adjectives, verbs, nouns even. But they still must obey the rules of grammatical structure. Otherwise, it just sounds wrong. That's all there is to it.
The other complaint was even more obviously editing. There were times when things were spelled wrong, or just clearly worded wrong - the kinds of mistakes we all make when drafting, and often miss when passing over our own work. One more pass by an editor probably would have helped the technical aspects of this book quite a lot.
These issues aside, it was a fun book, and a good concept for exploring Cal's character from a newish perspective. As I do love my tall, dark, and deadly Cal, I'm a fan of this.
I think Ms. Thurman has a little bit too much fun when it comes to delving into the perspective of a male protag (she really enjoys referencing his pecker, though to be fair, I don't think the obsession is at all uncharacteristic for a male of any age), but the running bathroom "issues" were amusing.
At the very least, I appreciate this opportunity to sound like a school teacher while reviewing a book featuring guns, monsters, and...well. Other things. Tee-hee.

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