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American Smile by Cody Young
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“American Smile” by Cody Young

This is a sweet story about a young girl named Emma who happens to meet an American Soldier, Tyler, (with an American smile), who is temporarily stationed in Britain, who was out on liberty while he is waiting for his next orders.
Emma has lived in Britain her whole life. Her Grandmother happened to become ill and was muttering about burning letters. She unexpectedly passes away. Burning letters? What letters? What could she be talking about? Is her Grandmother hiding something? The family finds out. ALL these years . . . ?
This puts Emma into a search for information on her family heritage.
All the while Emma does this, Tyler is right beside her, helping her, encouraging her, going through all the ups and downs with her. Emma couldn’t have wished for any more support than what Tyler has given her. All the while, though, in the back of her mind, she knows he will have to ship out again to his next destination. One thing Emma did not plan on was falling in love with Tyler. He is American, she is British. How could this relationship work? Is she temporary, like his stop here in her country is? They live in separate countries. Could this relationship work in reality?
This book is full of surprises. Surprises you could not imagine without reading this book. How does all of this work out? Does Tyler stay with her, or does he leave this ‘temporary stop’, and Emma, as well.
This book was a very enjoyable read. The plot of this story was very well thought out, so the writing was very good. As this love story takes place, you can’t help but to be brought into it and fall in love yourself. You feel what Emma feels, from her first date with Tyler, subsequent dates, and all through her relationship with him as it develops. You can’t help but to feel the excitement she feels for him as she falls in love with him. All their dates, the help he gives her with her family, and more.
To miss this book is to miss one of the best love stories of all, in my opinion. I felt an attachment to this story, and each time I come across it on my Kindle as I am looking for the current book I am reading, I see this book and can’t help but to smile. This is a very enjoyable read. I believe we will see more works in the future by this new author.
I was given this book by the author, Cody Young, for “FREE”, in exchange to read the book and write a review about it. It is NOT required for my review I write to be either positive or negative, but, “of my own opinion.” I was NOT provided with “ANY” monies to accept this book, “NOR” to read it, NOR were “ANY” monies given to me to write the review for this book. ALL that was ‘expected’ of me was to enjoy the pure pleasure of reading it. Again, the opinions expressed for and about this book are ‘of my own opinion’. I am disclosing this information in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255, Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.
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