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Captive Bride by Johanna Lindsey
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Jul 05, 2012

did not like it
bookshelves: dont-try-it-ever

suck suck suck suck!!!!!!!!!! this book sucks throughly. The hero was a maniacal bastard,a pedophile and the heroine was a weak,brainless ninny.God this book is just so awful!!! How did writer conceived such horrible idea in her diabolic mind..??? And how can someone read it and like it??? After completing it I was speechless for 30 minutes i could'nt stop fuming about this bad and ugly book. Let me get this straight,Philip Caxton sets his eyes on Christiana for the first time and he is overwhelmed with lust and instead of pursuing her in a gentlemanly way he kidnaps her. He keeps her imprisoned as a sex slave in a desert and he beats her on regular basis,threatens her,rapes her. And that spineless fool christiana endures everything without any protest and all she does is weeping. What the hell???????? She lies there and let him sleep next to her? The first night I would have bashed him upside the head and he would have been forced to kill me! Thus ending the story right there...but no....Our idiotic heroine does'nt do anything instead sleeps next to him every night happily and next morning she is swarmed with guilt because she enjoyed the night with him...and why because the hero was good looking?? What if he would have been an ugly old bastard?? Would she have slept next to him or killed him or herself? Arghh !!!!! I felt like puking after this book. What a waste of paper. After 3 months of torment,physical and sexual abuse she realises that she is madly in love with that insane psychopath,this really dint go well with me.
I really don't understand how can this Johanna lindsey write such novel and how can she present any woman so weak in her novel? No woman in her right state of mind will fall in love with the guy who wil deprive her of her virginity by raping her,this does'nt happen any where not even in the fantasy world.This book is not romantic at all,there's no romance in it,waht little romance it had it was sick and pukeworthy,there's only abusing of a naive and innocent girl by a moron.Infact it's a sin reading such disaster and wasting your time and money. I would'nt recommend this to anyone not even to my worst enemy.
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Lucy Ibn al-Rashid sounds just like the book "Wolf's Embrace" this book the heroine is also kidnapped, raped and treated like a whore...and after all of this, she realizes that she loves the guy...Total madness!! No woman would fall in love with her rapist!!

Nazia Yeah absoultely....this shit does'nt happen with women

Lucy Ibn al-Rashid Totally!! And I can't understand those who have fantasies about being raped and supposedly realizing that the guy is not that bad.
I mean, if a guy forces himself into the woman it is because he doesn't respect her and he is a pervert. He should be punished and not get a wife and not even children.
But what do I know??

Nazia yea absolutely diz novel hero was'nt even redeemed til da end.....I have read kathleen E woodiwiss's The flame and the flower which started with a rape but ultimately the hero redeemed himself.....but this book suxx....

Lucy Ibn al-Rashid Indeed!! If the hero redeems himself it is a different situation but if not...

Sadia Philip is the worst sort of a bastard. I've never been this angry while reading a book. It's a piece of shit! I swear

Nazia Yea it is. Philip was a pervert.

message 8: by Mehr (new)

Mehr not trying to say that you guys are completely wrong, but did you know that it can actually happen. That you can fall in love with your captor/kidnapper who is abusing? Its kind of a survival instinct in the situation. You convince yourself that the abuser cares for you cause she gives you food and "shelter". Its a mental condition called Stockholm Syndrome (don't know if i spelt that right)

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