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Hot Target by Suzanne Brockmann
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Jul 31, 2011

it was amazing
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Read in August, 2011


Hot Target has made me want to go back and reread the backlist. Except Flashpoint. Apart from a few sections where I felt it got a little preachy, Hot Target is now one of my favorite all-time RS. And that it's an MF is a big surprise despite my waning enchantment with MM romance. Or perhaps the secondary romance between Jules and Robin, just seeded here and not quite taken root yet, is a bigger reason for my enjoyment than I realize?

The last time I read a Troubleshooter book was back in 2003 when the long-awaited Gone Too Far was released in hardback - Brockmann's first and mine for romance. After Flashpoint - which I only remember for my inability to get a fix on where the heck it was going with the romance - I was so turned off Brockmann that I tuned her out completely. I'm not only glad Hot Target has brought the Troubleshooters back onto my radar, there was a point during my reading where I hoped I'd lost the allure for MM romance and would stop spending so much money on them as most weren't worth the time and the expense. All the reasons I loved mainstream RS came flooding back to me - solid plots and character development, good balance between the romance and action, plenty of sexual tension but no need to skim past pages of sex.

Hot Target gave me just about everything I love in RS - a likeable hero, riveting secondary characters and a satisfactory suspense thread. While I prefer something more "international" like Amy Fetzer (but NOT the way she writes them. Ugh!), Brockmann's tendency to not lose focus on the romance is what made her a comfort read - with the exception of Flashpoint (I've got such a negative impression of that book I really ought to give it another go!).

I don't remember anything about Cosmo beyond his name. I don't know which book he first made an appearance but it didn't matter. From what one reviewer said, it sounds like I was better off not remembering or I, too, could have felt his book was a letdown. As it is, I liked Cosmo very much. He was a good opposite to Jane who is hard to like at first and even later on, I can't say she won me over 100%. Still, I can believe in their HEA. What irked me, rather than intrigued, unfortunately, is Decker and Sophia. Is there supposed to be a thing between them? I sensed that and it probably started in Flashpoint as that's where I recall first meeting them, but only vaguely. Those two are still like sand in my shoe here in HT, though. Odd, you just don't 'take' to certain characters or couples even when they haven't done anything wrong.

Jules. Now Jules is one gay character who deserves a series all of his own! He could introduce us to his gay friends and their romances and other gay FBI agents ad nauseum. Perhaps get the mainstream RS authors to write the romance/action and an MM romance author to do the sex scenes...because I'm not sure (yet) whether these mainstream MF authors can or want to write gay sex scenes. I think Brockmann is the only mainstream MF author who I've read an MM thread in her book. I sort of got disgusted with being cock-teased by J R Ward's Black Dagger Brotherhood even way back before I'd read an MM romance and dropped her cold with no intention of returning.

If there's anything I felt could be better, I suppose it would be the suspense plot. (view spoiler)

And I really wanted to remove a star because Patty, who must be one of the most annoying secondary characters ever, wasn't killed off. Ooh, I so wanted her dead. Maybe I'll get lucky and she gets offed in one of the later book. A victim of The Dentist, perhaps?

5 stars, anyway, because Hot Target kept me interested from start to end and at over 500 pages on my reader, there's no MM romantic suspense to compare with except Zero to the Bone. For me, Hot Target is exceptional in that I was pulled me into not just the MCs' romance but the secondary one as well and both didn't overwhelm the suspense thread - something of a bugbear with me in MM romantic suspense.
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ElaineY It's been years since I last read a Troubleshooter book and that was Breaking Point which was only a 4-star read. I'd skipped Hot Target to get to Maz & Gina's story as Flashpoint (TI #7) had been such a disappointment, not to mention leaving me very bemused as to what Brockmannn was thinking! After Breaking Point, I gave up on the series but I hope I can get over whatever it was that made the series lose its magic after the Team Sixteen ones ended. I've been scanning through the reviews of these TI books and they are mixed though I did see several voicing what I myself had felt - there was such a disconnect between the two series that I fully agree with the reviewer who said TI ought to have been released as a completely different series with no connection to the SEAL Team Sixteen.

Anyway, I'm hoping I'll like the books well enough to keep reading and finish them seeing as I have all of them and just bought the last two today.

message 2: by [deleted user] (new)

You know, I read all these up through the Christmas one where Jules and Robin get their HEA, but they're all a fuzzy blur. I remember not liking the later ones as much as I did the early books. Don't ask why.

ElaineY Kate Mc. wrote: "You know, I read all these up through the Christmas one where Jules and Robin get their HEA, but they're all a fuzzy blur. I remember not liking the later ones as much as I did the early books. D..."

I think it's because the later books were a completely different bunch of people, apart from Jules. I think we'd all invested so much of ourselves in the characters from the earlier series and I, for one, was unsettled by the sudden end. When Troubleshooters Inc commenced, it was so disconnected to the earlier books and I was confused as to what the heck happened.

I've had most of the books since they were published but never felt motivated to read them until now.

message 4: by Buggy (new) - added it

Buggy I have yet to start this series, I've been saving it, I don't know kinda like desert because I know I'll love it. Anyways nice review and you reminded me I also need to read Zero To The Bone (also sitting on my TBR shelf)

ElaineY Buggy wrote: "...and you reminded me I also need to read Zero To The Bone (also ..."

You're kidding me, right? You haven't read Zero? I've read it twice and I liked it even more the second time around.

message 6: by Aves (new)

Aves Raggiana ElaineY wrote: "You're kidding me, right? You haven't read Zero? I've read it twice and I liked it even more the second time ar..."

I know it, Elaine! It’s criminal that Buggy hasn’t yet read “Zero at the Bone”! I’ve read it twice too, and then a third time as a paperback.

“Zero at the Bone” - a definite must-read.

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