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Deadly Sins by Kylie Brant
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Aug 16, 11

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This book was pretty much what I expected from Brant's Mindhunters series. No surprises, really...good or bad.

Series Note:
Sixth and last (?) book in Brant's "Mindhunters" series about an independent forensics lap run by ex FBI agent Adam Raiker. I would strongly recommend reading the previous books in this series, or at least the 2 books before this one as there is an overall story arc for the 2nd trilogy in the series.

For the past year, someone has wanted Adam Raiker, head of Raiker forensics, dead. And they've nearly succeeded. But Adam is still alive and kicking. When a good friend and supreme court judge is murdered in what appears to be a serial killing, Adam manages to get named as a special consultant to help with the investigation. This teams him up with old flame and FBI special agent, Jaid Marlowe.

As the investigation continues, it becomes apparent that the tie between all the murders may be Adam himself. All points seem to lead back to him. As he tries to unravel the connections, he's beginning to realize that pushing Jaid away 8 years ago may not have been the right thing to do because he still can't resist her. But before the two can solve their personal problems, they must find out who wants Adam to suffer before it's too late.

This has been such a weird series for me. I've wanted badly to really like it, but mostly I've found it to be just average. Mostly from a romance standpoint. Having read the 5 previous books in this series, I had a pretty good idea of what this book would give me, and I was pretty much dead on.

From a suspense standpoint, the book is pretty good. It lacks some of the dire intensity and darkness that some of the great romantic suspense authors have. I didn't feel that immediacy that would make me want to keep reading and reading to figure out what was going on. It's more of a procedural type story. Very focused on the mundanes of interviewing people, reading profiles, tracking down people of interest and researching. Which can get rather tedious. Not quite enough action.

But that part of the book is well done, logical and readable. It just lacks in intensity. It was an interesting plot, though. Adam Raiker has been a rather intriguing character since the beginning of the series and when the 2nd trilogy started, you get hooked into a trilogy-wide story arc about someone out to get Adam. So it's great to finally see where all that headed. Though I must admit, the suspect I pegged way back in book 4 of the series was the right guess.

I was a little disappointed in part of the plot resolution. I wanted more out of the confrontation between Adam and the antagonist. It was kinda anti-climatic. I wanted more verbal sparring, more raging from the bad guy. Something about the resolution just fell flat.

Where this books (and actually the series) really came up lacking for me was in the issue of series cohesion and the romance angle. One of the things I love about series is the connectivity of it all. The multi-book characters, getting to read about the over a time-frame, that sense of attachment to them. And being able to focus on a group - either as a investigation firm, a bunch of friends, whatever. But with this series, the base connection was just missing. Raiker Forensics (aka the Mindhunters) which this series is based on, felt more like the sidenote. It was just an identifying characteristic and not a well-developed focus. The main characters just happened to be Raiker's agents but I never felt that link. It was all very separated.

Then there's the romance issue. This book wasn't as bad as some of the others, but I still felt it was lacking. Jaid and Adam have a history and still obviously have chemistry. But as the book moves along, you never feel they resolve their issues. They just sort of fall back into a relationship but I never felt like they'd resolved their past. It was disappointing. And I wanting and ending that felt more HEA. Poor Adam has been through so much, I wanted a fluffy scene at the end with him and Jaid being together and happy, not some short little scene where Adam asks Jaid to forgive him for dumping him before and wanting another chance. It felt very unsatisfying.

It wasn't a bad book over all though. I think some readers not quite a picky as me might enjoy it more. If I hadn't wanted to know so much the resolution of Adam's story I probably wouldn't have read it. If there are more books in the series, I'm not sure I will read them. Brant's form of romantic suspense in this series just doesn't really do it for me.

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