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Juliet, Naked by Nick Hornby
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Jul 30, 2011

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Read in December, 2009

Yay Hornby! He has to be one of my favorite consistent authors. The only book that I had read of his that I didn't like too much was the one where there was a women protag for all of it. I don't know, the book was weird and he wasn't good writing from a women's point of view. In this book, he switches back and forth from a women to a man and it works better. Said Women is dating some guy in the UK who is like obsessed with some recluse singer whose fame died away 20 years ago. Someone sends him a stripped cd of the dudes biggest album and he loves it, but the Women does not. She writes her review on some website and someone emails her and they start an online relationship. Guess who emails her! Of course, it's the recluse singer. Turns out his life is a little fucked up (of course) but it's sort of straighten out. He comes to the UK to see one of his kids and ends up going to the town the women is in. She has since broken up with the dude she has been with for 15 years. The dude finds out and sort of freaks out, of course. Also, the Women wants kids. The recluse singer has a bunch of kids with whom he has no relationship with and that is part of what he has a hard time, why he doesn't sing, write or preform anymore. The recluse and Women sleep together and we don't find out if a baby resulted in it. You don't really care. That is just how the story ends and it's fine.

The story was just okay, but the writing was fab as always. Loads of dialogue, which I love because I find it way easier to read that way. A good mix of UK and US-ness. And the US-ness wasn't incorrect, which I find happens alot in British-written books. But I am assuming Hornby has spent his share of time here, so he knows. That is what I can count on.

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