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The Illuminatus! Trilogy by Robert Shea
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Jul 30, 2011

it was amazing

This book takes you into the paranoid world of a large cast of characters bent on rising up against the forces of the Illuminati conspiracy that surrounds us all. As a humming underground sect, fueled by endless money and drugs, the underground champions fight against them for the freedom of thought and action of every world citizen.

I read this heavy volume several times in my life, and every time I do, I realize something else about my world that is disturbing and troubling, and with good reason. The two authors of this text approached writing it while they were editors of Playboy. Uncertain of the implications of many of the letters asking about the truth behind conspiracies of the world, legend says one of the authors mentioned to the other that it would be really interesting if they wrote a book about one of them being true. The other, apparently with a stroke of genius, responded it would be really cool if they wrote a book with the stance that they all were true.

This book is an awakening experience that shakes the very foundations of our modern society (whether you believe any of it or not), calling into question religion, consumerism, public safety, government, and above all, freedom. The text accuses so many of so many things that, by the end, you are believing it yourself and wanting to engage in the resistance's acts of sex, drugs, and violence to finally set your mind free.

I suggest anyone read this book a few times in their life They may find it an entertainment once (as I did in Junior High School), an awakening another time, and a sarcastic rant of the absolute ridiculousness of society and its structure as a whole. Predating these questions far before the Matrix philosophy, this book is an intricate realistic view that so many writers have tried to tackle, from the greats that discuss it in books like The Chalice and the Blade (which is a testament to the book's well researched aspects), to the poor such as the DaVinci Code.

A great read, I recommend this highly, but give yourself a good month to digest it, and take your time. One reading is not nearly enough.

By the time you are done, you will see fnords everywhere, and grok them quite proficiently.

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