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Magic Bleeds by Ilona Andrews
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The fourth book picks up on the night of the dinner date between Kate and Curran. Kate has pulled out all the stops and even puts makeup on. Only one problem, Curran is a no show. When Kate calls the Keep she is informed that he is too busy to talk to her and next time to go through the proper channels. Ouch. Naturally Kate is pissed, no beyond pissed. She's heartbroken.

But magic doesn't wait for Kate to nurse her broken heart, and it seems like someone is targeting shapeshifters...again. It doesn't take long for Kate to realize that her crazy aunt has come to town. And once coming face to face it didn't take long for her aunt to realize who Kate is, especially since Kate and her aunt looks exactly a like. Even though her aunt wanted to destroy her, their meeting before hand I actually enjoyed. Especially since it was kind of nice to see Kate have a somewhat civilized sit down with one family member, since I'm sure she won't get that with her father. Also her life was saved by an unusual shapeshifter. And who hired the shapeshifter comes at a complete shock, but once you think about it makes sense. Kind of hoping we will see her again sometime in the future. I'm curious about a reptile shapeshifter, plus she knew exactly where Jim's safe house was.

And then we have Curran. He refuses to let go of Kate, the night of the dinner was a misunderstanding. But once Kate gives in she realizes that he expects to give all or nothing. Which Kate simply can not do with working for the order. Curran threatens to walk away from it all, but is Kate strong enough to let him go?

Kate was raised to depend on only herself and not to care or let anyone else in. Four books in and we can see that had failed. She has many people in the pack she would die for, she's adopted a kid as her niece, and in this book a dog.

I haven't read a Kate Daniels book yet that I haven't loved. Yes there are times when I want to smack Kate and yell at her. But she has to be one of my favorite heroines ever.

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