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The Disappearance of the Universe by Gary R. Renard
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Jul 30, 11

If this book was supposed to bring me peace- it didn't. I do agree that we should not identify with the ego, but we should try to lovingly watch it as our higher self and say 'even though I am not this illusion I love this illusion', thus gently detaching through acceptance, but still seeing the beauty of our journey. I have contacted my spirit guide and read many books about ascended masters. I felt that the guides, Arten and Pursah, spoke too harshly for me. They seemed to be pushing people too fast in "going straight to heaven now" instead of "following at your own speed and enjoying the ride". I side with Ekhart Tolle's method instead, and recommend that. But, many blessings to those who are transformed by this way of teaching.
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Katie Q No the message in the book is not pushing you to do anything. Clearly from the beginning is states if you are ready you will receive the message contained therein.

message 2: by Bridget (new)

Bridget I understand, you Heather. Or I think I do. I understand reality as a figment of imagination...an illusion of subjective perception, from our dear friend the ego. However, source (or God) can be found everywhere in this world...something eternal and loving in it all. In these moments, you're realizing something that the ego is not...beautiful. The DU seemed to highlighted this world as a conceptual joke so quickly it dropped me into depression. The tone of Arten and Pursah can result in cynicism about the world....which is hard to swollow if you're already willing to not be judgemental, and thus adds a new element to the journey...it makes you want to leave quickly... whereas ACIM shows with tenderness a warming outlook for genuine, unbiased forgiveness...However, what is important is that we're all getting to the same place, so whatever works best for us in the journey, is.

that being said, check this article out:


message 3: by Bridget (new)

Bridget fellow readers: if it crosses your path, read it. there is nothing that will waste or diverge your time on this journey. however, in doing so, remain open -- stay neutral, question everything and everything equally. for some, this book is tricky. it is biased (as it comes from three personified figures) while showing the path to stripping oneself of bias thinking. creative, it caught my attention, made me laugh..changed the way i viewed this and that. then i had to stop. it got messy for me. you'll know when to read more and when to read less. just trust.

it is my belief that everyone is ready. you do not need one specific outlet. that includes this text. like anything else, this book has the potential to make one forget that we are actually nowhere and everywhere all at the same time...making us seek achievement or enlightenment, when really source is at ease. for others this is not the case. how the tone or content move people will have a variety of outcomes.

for those of you who may respond, "no you've missed the point, it is clear that there is nothing to be achieved here"...i ask that you consider the strong emphasis and language that appeared from these teachers and how it may influence others.

here in awaits another discovery. while showing how information can be misconstrued over time, that no knowledge is objective (i.e., the gospel(s) ) the teachers set Gary up with predictions of people who will misinterpret his word...who will make ACIM something it is not. in this way, they are also setting up a standard. well, this is surely confusing.

they also spend very little time highlighting god in this universe, saying He did not create it, calling She (feminist perspective of course) "cute"...in dealing with beings who are still fragmented... this can be an interesting way to learn, to lead you to seeing through eyes eternal in love/source...the societial roles and cues, making the whole world an illusion of "living hell," instead of love. how can yo u see love here if god has nothing to do with this place? (what happened to the world being a reflection of your thinking? why even bother bringing up hell, if thinking it becomes it?) so be warned...tricky, tricky.

in my opinion, this book is a journey, and it's gary's. we can learn alongside him, but it was his human experience, not ours. (while yes, we are all one, if you're thinking about this as a individual, you understand what i mean).

do not feel the pressure or the need to make his journey your journey or anyone elses, for that matter.

in exploring... don't let anyone fool you into thinking there is one path faster than the other. just live in and as the reflection of love. recognize resistance when you have it, ask yourself, what is it in myself that is making me feel this way? things will happen naturally and organically.

if you choose another way, that is fine too. everything we do provides an opportunity for growth. that being said, it is my own personal reminder here to every reader... consciously explore everything with out judgement, and for yourself. that means, observing and sharing your findings if you so choose but to always encourage another to do it on their own. do not sway anyone, but surface view points, clearing the road with out emotion. make it your own service.

another recommendation, if you're studying anything and becoming quite passionate, as we all do - The Awakening of Intelligence by J Krishnamurti may be of assistance.

good luck and happy life.

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