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Shatterpoint by Matthew Woodring Stover
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Jun 17, 15

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Being somewhat of a veteran of star wars novels I was expecting a rather formulaic tale encased within the hardcover of this book. Having read Stover's previous novel 'Traitor' which I enjoyed greatly I was expecting a good story but not something unusual. After The New Jedi Order series I assumed I was well aquainted with how mature and adult the material of the Star Wars novels can become but I was pleasantly surprised by what Stover has managed to accomplish in his text. By taking a Vietnam horror reference he spins his tale around the tracking of a rogue Jedi Knight by Master Mace Windu through a trecherous and particularily inhospital environment. At first I enjoyed the new direction the author has taken his plot in but I must admit that I found the ride a tad depressing with nothing but the personality of the character Nick Rostu to alleviate at times.

Some might say that by essentially stealing elements from 'Apocalypse Now' Stover has taken the Star Wars universe away from its roots. But I would like to draw attention to the fact that Star Wars itself is essentially a rip-off several films and cultural myths combined to make one glorious homage. So I congratulate what Stover has done in attempting to take his story in a new direction for the range. Star Wars has a tendency at times to downplay the horrors of war just beacuse it is fiction. I believe that just because it is set in a fantastical universe there is no excuse not explore the darker side of the star WARS from time to time and to remind us that we are reading a story about death and destruction.

All the same, the book does slump a little in places but I think that this is more than made up for at the long climax. The epic and fantastical events that take place are breathtaking not least Jedi Mace Windu's actions during said events. By the end I was amazed he even made it out alive. He acts the way we have always dreamed Jedi to be like and I congratulate Stover for setting a precedent for the Clone Wars novel range.

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