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Angelology by Danielle Trussoni
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Jul 30, 2011

A lot of people are comparing this Novel to "The Da Vinci Code", and yes I see the similarities. Angelology is obviously very well researched, and is based on the (mis-) interpretation of some scripture, and some verses from Enoch (part of the Apocrypha). The premise is disturbing and controversial. The main action takes place over just a 24-hour period. So, yes, Ms. Trussoni has successfully copied the Dan Brown formula, and it looks like she has a best-seller and potentially a hit movie with Angelology. So let me tell you where this book FAILS:

**** SPOILER ALERT *******

**** SPOILER ALERT *******

**** SPOILER ALERT *******

This book has a HORRIBLE ending. It's not even really an "ending" at all. Ok, so a couple of people die, one who deserves it (but in a very quick and anti-climactic way) and another who doesn't (but was SO predictable as to be laughable). But the reason I say it's not really an "ending" is that NOTHING is resolved. It's almost as though someone nixed the last 50 pages and said "no, save that for the sequel". In case you can't tell, this really ticks me off.

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