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Copping A Feel -Gods of Love by Jamieson Wolf
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Jul 29, 2011

it was ok
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I'm not putting up a picture of the cover because IT IS SCARY. If you're curious, go see it here. (H: It is pretty scary)

Justin's world is thrown upside down when a cop gives him a blowjob in a hotel bathroom. But when the cop visits Justin at his home, he knows he's in trouble.

Copping a Feel was a quick, hot read. But not one that I enjoyed.

It's Valentine's Day and Justin is out walking - he's all alone and he's feeling down. He stops in at a hotel to quickly use the facilities and someone follows him in. That someone is Sergeant Matheson and he quickly puts the moves on Justin. Justin, who is usually more circumspect is swept along by the cop's desire and he's on the giving end of a blow job before long. After, Justin is a bit freaked out because he's worried he'll get arrested.

But the sergeant wants Justin and he tracks him down at home and him and Justin pick up where they left off. But Justin doubts his own appeal and he can't believe Matheson is for real. Maybe he isn't...

This quick read definitely had a twist to it. A paranormal twist.

So why didn't I enjoy it? I guess I didn't like that a cop would do something so risky while on duty. And then how quickly Justin let Matheson into his life. Mind you, this is a short story, so there is an explanation for that but it's not one that I like. It's too convenient. The sex was hot, but I just didn't enjoy the set up. It's not for me. 2 out of 5 from me. It was ok.

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