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A Summer Reunion by Kasey Michaels
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Jul 29, 2011

really liked it
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This was a great anthology. As children, Margaret Mary, Victoria and Steven were separated when they're parents died in a car accident. Some 50 years later Tory's daughter discovers Margaret Mary and the sisters are reunited. Sadly, their brother passed away a few years before. Now they're trying to put together a relationship, as well as deal with things from the past.

All Our Yesterdays by Kasey Michaels


Now that she's reunited with her sister, Tori Fuller doesn't regret a moment of her life. But she's never forgotten the guy who got away. Heart surgeon Sam McCormack is as sexy and irresistible as he was back in college…and ready to prove to the woman he's always loved that it's never too late to start over.…

Tory and Sam were lovers in college, until one day Tory disappeared without a word. She just packed up and left. 32 years later Sam is contacted by Allie, Tory's daughter. His and Tory's daughter. After so many years, can they let the past go and come together again? Will Sam be able to forgive Tory?

This was an interesting story because it deals with a couple in their 50s. After 30+ years apart, coming together again is hard. But they're also more aware that time is slipping by. The arrogance of youth has left them and they know what's important in life. That isn't to say the journey was easy, but I liked that they were a more mature couple.


Mayberry follows next with the story of Tory's niece, Laurie, and Tory's deceased brother's best friend and business partner, Adam.

All Our Todays by Sarah Mayberry


Lauren Sutcliffe never expected her mother's sixtieth birthday bash to lead to romance. But gorgeous Aussie builder Adam Hunter wants to stake his claim on the bossy, burned-by-love caterer. He wants to share all her tomorrows, if Lauren will just say yes!
Laurie is still recovering emotionally from a divorce two years ago (mostly because her ex still tries to manipulate her). She's planning and catering her mother's 60th birthday party. Adam has come to the states to meet the family of his business partner. Neither is prepared for the instant connection to the other. But they have lives a world apart - literally.

A sweet read. Laurie's self-esteem took a battering at the hands of her selfish ex. I loved that Adam showed her she was worthy of love and of being taken care of. Adam was a solid guy all the way around and he balanced Laurie out really well. I also liked the scene with him and her kids.


Southwick continues the theme with the story of Laurie's brother, David, and her mother's physical therapist and long-time family friend Kinsey.

All Our Tomorrows by Teresa Southwick


David Longwood isn't looking for love…until a family reunion throws him in the path of free spirit Kinsey McKeever. Suddenly the buttoned-down lawyer is rediscovering his passionate inner self and dreaming about forever after… with Kinsey.

David moved back home after a bad breakup. Kinsey grew up in foster homes and tries not to put down roots anywhere. They've been crushing on each other forever, but circumstances and Kinsey's age have kept them apart. David is convinced he's not a good bet for her and Kinsey is convinced he doesn't want her.

I think this is my least favorite of the 3 stories, though I did enjoy it. I think my main gripe comes from the fact that Kinsey and David were both really stubborn. Neither wanted to admit what they had was more than just a mutual attraction. Kinsey kept one foot out the door and David's guilt was eating him alive. It was good to see them come together in the end.


I liked the way the stories flowed together. Each author picked up where the previous left off with a seamless transition. If I didn't know better, I would have sworn this was a collection of stories by the same author.

Overall a very satisfying anthology.


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