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Blood Work by Kim Harrison
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Jan 08, 12

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Read on July 26, 2011 — I own a copy

** spoiler alert ** Man, Man, Man….smh, Kim, Kim, Kim. Harrison’s Hollow’s work is always and I mean even when I hate it, is always a great pleasure of mine to read. But as much as I want to love it, because I know how the story goes afterwards, I can’t be happy with the little hope that I have of Ivy and Rachel ever being together. Ummm, I have always wanted to know why the heck Ivy fell for Rachel in the first place, because I just didn’t understand it so I’m glad to finally know what drew her. Because this was my first time seeing them outside of my head (period), they were kind of adorable but obviously not the way I had pictured them, but adorable nonetheless. In Blood Work Rachel was acting so ditzy though, like geez I would have been annoyed to, I am so happy that she has matured a lot which is apparent in the later books (she still has a ways to go though). Ivy being my favorite ever was just perfect, I’m pleased that she’s now out of that wretched cycle she used to be in, all that suffering, sacrificing for her friends and family, plus Rachel and the mental beat downs she’s given herself she deserves to get what she wants and it’s the freaking red head d*mnit!!! Can’t be that hard Kim, smh. But still, Kim as usual has created a fantastic world for me to disappear into for a while and as usual I’m still hoping for Ivy and Rachel’s relationship to blossom further…oh yeah, something I found annoying was Ivy’s constant ponytail, I could have sworn that it wasn’t an everyday thing for her, but if it was that ponytail was way too thin, I mean she’s a living Vampire, I shouldn’t be able to talk about her hair, it’s suppose to be all full, luxurious and all that jazz. Also the tights Rachel kept wearing were hideous, that’s also questionable for me but maybe I need to read the series again from book one because I don’t recall that either. Blood Work was still an excellent read though and I can’t wait for part 2, I just wish she won’t draw it out, I’ll already be like 25 by the time she’s finished with the story period which is a bummer…writing this right now I am actually getting upset because I don’t understand why she (Kim) won’t just give out a straight answer as to where Ivy and Rachel are going, I need a yes or no…if she did, someone please point me to it so I can know whether I have to burn the books and forever stick to the marvelous fan fiction…P.S, by how many Rachel and Kisten shippers I’ve seen, I’m guessing I was the only one who was grossed out by how much Kisten liked Piscary, ugh and yet Kim can’t go to that level with Ivy and Rachel, that’s just stupid…and I can’t believe Rachel even dated him seeing as how he was done/did Piscary and still wanted to…(wait yes I can, she’s such an idiot sometimes) they’re two second relationship was just a time killer in the series…the whole thing with him and Piscary and then him and Rachel, just grossed me out, smh…good read though!!! <3 (sigh)...also the girl on the cover could definitely be Ivy.

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