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His Five Favorite Lines by Gina Gordon
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Jul 29, 2011

really liked it
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This is truly a short story--a quickie read--and one that is really a lot of fun. We have all heard about pick-up lines, and many have experienced them as well. Our tale begins with the main characters having already had their erotic, sexy encounter in an elevator that got stuck. (This encounter is the subject of the first story in this series: Her Five Favorite Words. Becca is one of those people who gets claustrophobic and the hugs and kisses that morphed into another kind of togetherness were initially an attempt to prevent an all-out panic attack. Jordan is definitely wanting more. So he decides to use the five pick-up lines that have worked for him.

Becca is the kind of woman who backs up from emotional and sexual experiences and analyses--often to the ultimate death of a relationship. Yet, Jordan is a persistent guy, and each day he finds a way to intercept her on the way to work--in the coffee shop, at the entrance to the elevators, waiting at the elevator on her floor, etc. Does it work? Well, that is the core of the story.

This little literary snack is one of those that can be enjoyed with your lunch, or a few minutes in the evening waiting for the microwave entre to cook, or some other short span of time in a day's routine. It is about two people who came together under unusual circumstances and are finding it hard to normalize their relationship, understanding rightly that one sexual encounter does not provide adequate foundation for anything other than, perhaps, an opportunity to get to know each other better in other ways. I am not really a fan of short stories unless they are extremely well-written. I found that this little piece was really quite adequate to tell the story and to not rush the characters through to a conclusion. This is the second in a series of little stories having the number "five" in their title and it will be fascinating to see how this series plays out and how these two move on in their relationship.

I found this little story to be vastly entertaining. It is cute and interesting and I recommend it. I give this rating a 3.75 out of 5, mostly because of its shorter length than any other factor.

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