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A Job From Hell by Jayde Scott
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Aug 07, 11

really liked it
Read from July 29 to 30, 2011

** spoiler alert ** My thoughts? The cover was definitly an eye-catcher. That's what lead me to 'A Job From Hell' in the first place(it was b/c of the title too). And when I read the summary I made up my mind- Read it is. Once I was through half the book I realized this wasn't what I expected(in a good way). The most lovable thing is -what else?- the relationship. Amber and Aidan are great together. You have all the conflicts and humor(Bonus!). Also the wonderful characters- Cass and Kieran always getting on top of each other is enjoyable. I wouldn't say you'd die if you dont read this(exaggerating much?).. but this IS a goodread.

(Im a spoiler!!.. Seriously you might wanna stop right here- but check out the facts.)


Amber: is Aidan's mate but doesnt know it,mousy brown hair that lacked a good cut,chubby cheeks and big brown eyes framed by long lashes,is carrying the 'prize'(since she broke into the shed and somehow figured out the riddle- the winner gets an ability to see and talk to the dead),was given the Butterfly Of Hope from Deidre,had to be almost fully drained by Aidan in order to go to the Otherworld and get the book.

Dallas: Amber's brother,moved to Inverness a few weeks ago,got a job as a environmentalist officer(he suspects riches beyond belief in the woods behind/near Aidan's house),golden skin and hazel eyes surrounded by thick dark lashes,had a plan to steal the gems from the hut in the woods(Amber did all the work and she was almost killed),turns out to be Cass's mate(in the next book),when meeting Cass Amber saw a spark between them and didnt want it to happen so she lied and said Cass was not available.

Cameron: Amber's ex who said he never fell in love with her before saying he needed a break,texted Amber telling her he wanted her back four weeks after their breakup(but when she called him a girl answered).

Aidan McAllister: a vampire(turned at eighteen in 1499) and an established bounty hunter and a member of the Lore court,hired Amber to do housekeeping in Scotland,pale blue eyes framed by thick lashes,hair is like black curls,was stunningly tall and broad with high cheekbones,was about Amber's age(he inherited the house from his parents),born on Skye and moved to Scotland a while back,he is a freelancer who works at Inverness,after the ritual he and Amber and other vampires didnt need to feed on blood or step out of the sun anymore.

Kieran: vampire,Aidan's brother,looks like Aidan but bulkier,
had to turn Amber into a vampire when she was almost dead b/c of Blake(Aidan was too weak at the time).

Clare: vampire,is dating Kieran(maybe),one of Aidan's friends,was about the same age as Amber,tall, blonde and strikingly beautiful with flawless pale skin and ocean-blue eyes that shone a tad too bright,has shapely legs and a narrow waist,strong arms and shoulders,her mate died years ago and she did nothing to save him.

Blake: vampire(was turned by Adam b/c Rebecca almost killed him),one of Aidan's friends,tall and dark with long hair framing strong cheekbones and spilling into his collar,golden skin with brown eyes, when saving Amber from the Shadows he tried to kill her until Aidan showed up(he was banned from being close to Amber),after Amber got the book she was taken by Clare back to Aidan's house(and he was there).. he chained Clare to a chair and left Amber to die(until Aidan and Kieran showed up).

Cassandra: half fallen angel and half Seraph(her father is the actually Dark Prince so she's a princess),is about Amber's height with long wavy hair and green eyes, wants a position with the Lore Council(so she offered to help Aidan and his friends in exchange for that),the day after she and Aidan made the deal she went over to the house and told Amber about the ability and vampires,after the ritual she stole the ancient book from the Shadows.

Thrain: a shape shifter/demon,works for Cassandra,helped Aidan and the gang break into the Shadow's area to save Amber,faked an illusion of Devon's face to get past the guards at the Shadow area.

Devon: Conner's brother,is a Shadow,one of Aidan's enemies(along with Aidan's other friends),broad guy with cropped dark hair and eerie black eyes,he and Conner offered to let Aidan's clan enter the Cemeteryof the Dead to perform their ritual if they help find the book and return it,agreed to help Amber save Aidan from Layla in exchange for her sharing the ability.

Angel: a mortal but lives with the Shadows,girl,tall with long dark hair.

Conner: is a Shadow,one of Aidan's enemies(along with Aidan's other friends),a foot taller than Amber with black spiky hair dyed dirty blond at the ends.

Deidre: Queen of the Shadows,anancient soul living in the pain-ridden body of a dying girl,ivory skin and hip-long silver hair,saw Amber in her dreams hundreds of years ago.

Layla: is the demi-goddess- a succubus deity of the higher kind with a strong need for blood and torture,leader of the Lore Court,always kept cursed souls around her to torture them,has long black hair thrown over one shoulder to reveal her glorious tattoo of living snakes,lean thigh,green cat-like eyes,disagreed to lifting Amber's prize in favor of Aidan but agreed to let Cass be ambassador,trapped n chained Aidan to a wall at Lore Court when she smelled Amber on him,met Amber when she climbed through her window with the intention of getting rid of her.

Rebecca: vampire(enjoyed killing),Aiden's ex-girlfriend(she turned him Kieran and Clare),use to live at Aidan's- until she was drained of blood and died(her clothes are still kept on the second floor by Aidan),pale with red hair,betrayed Aidan by stealing the book- she hid it before she died.

Greta: Harry's wife,one of the people that work for Aiden,a short woman with a dowdy face and wiry grey hair who has blue eyes.

Harry: Greta's husband,one of the people that work for Aiden(he's the gardener).

** Facts about the Winner..
- Interracial Race rule: Once a contestant carries the prize, he can't bestripped off it. Either they give it up within twelve hours, or they carry the skill for the next five hundred years.
- You win by solving the Riddle of Sight- by gathering the required jewels you recieve the gift of seeing and talking to the dead.

** Facts about Shadows..
- Shadows: Carcasses of humans on which their queen fed.
- Legends say they dont kill mortals.
- They have the Butterfly Of Hope: A necklace that has a stone with the ability to protect the wearer. The butterfly symolizes a new life.
- A shadow could die by finding his statue in the cemetery of the dead and piercing a dagger through the animal's heart.
- A long time ago, the souls of sacred animals entered the bodies of Shadow's ancestors to grant them eternal life. As payment, their people sent their shadows to the otherworld to watch over the animals' cubs.

** Lore Rules..
- No killing humans.
- No turning humans.

** Lore court..
- The only thing that will keep you safe when you're in Lore Court is a fire whip.

** Mates..
- When two people are destined for each another, they're called mates. A strong psychic connection bonds them together.

** The book..
- The book's one of enchantments and incantations, the most powerful inthe paranormal world.
- It is said to be able to be found by the person with the ability to see and talk to dead people(Sight).
- Legend sayslong time ago it was written by Blye, a powerful Shadow who sought knowledge. One night a demi-goddess appeared in his dreams. She offeredto share all her wisdom with him if he promised to be hers forever. Blye knew he couldn't deny her. No one denies a demi-goddess. He loved her during the night. During daytime, he worked on the book. Twenty-one days later, the manuscript was complete, but he found a horrible fate.
- Onl a vampire can survive trying to find the book. Because in order to find it, you need to through the threshold of death.

Pages: kA- 32 k(ish)A- 37 kA- 63 k(ish)A- 65 bite- 66 kA- 68 kA- 72 b- 88

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message 1: by Alexa (new)

Alexa wow so many characters

message 2: by Amy (new) - rated it 4 stars

Amy Alexa wrote: "wow so many characters"

Lol. Yep, lots of characters. I kind of developed this habit where when I read I have google open in case I need to look up a word, and my review open to jot down characters :) It went alittle crazy in the character factory.

message 3: by Tayler (new) - added it

Tayler Thanks to this, I am SO reading this series!!! :D

message 4: by Amy (new) - rated it 4 stars

Amy Tayler wrote: "Thanks to this, I am SO reading this series!!! :D"

Woot woot! :) tell me if u like it!

message 5: by Amy (new) - rated it 4 stars

Amy It's been a while since I finished this first book, not sure why I didn't go to the second one though. Maybe it's because I get lazy at times x) from what I remember, this was a good book

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