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Twenties Girl by Sophie Kinsella
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Jul 29, 2011

really liked it

I had been circling this book in the store for a couple weeks. I love Sophie Kinsella but I wasn't so sure about the whole ghost story. I like both, typical 'chick lit' and horror stories about ghosts, vampires, etc. But I couldn't imagine how both elements would fit into one book and not make it silly.

But now I am so glad I gave it a shot. As it happens to be Kinsella's style, of course the story gets a little too much here and there and sometimes you will find yourself shaking your head at how unlikely some things seem. But overall, this book is a really enjoyable read and fits in nicely between more 'difficult' books because it keeps you entertained like a light Hollywood romantic comedy.

What I especially liked is that everyone can relate to Lara in some way or another. Everyone will have come across really old people in their family or maybe somewhere else and it's always so hard to imagine that they've ever been anything else but old and sick. In this book, Lara gets to discover that her great-aunt Sadie had indeed led a very exciting life and that she had been a very outgoing and happy person. It automatically makes you want to find out more about your own old relatives and what their lives were like in times that were so different from our own and yet so much was the same.

With a great story like that, I find it easy to ignore the fact that most of Kinsella's main characters are people that would drive me nuts in real life.

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