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Jul 30, 2011

(Review from the author)
it was amazing
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It would be inappropriate to review my own book. Instead, here's a verbal exchange that occurred between me and the fearless Scottish beat poet James Pettigrew a few days after he had finished reading it.

SCENE - an East Kilbride pub (The Lee Burn), Scotland, night time.

JAMES: I loved 83 chapters of Metallic Dreams, but it contains two chapters - and you know exactly the ones I'm referring to - that you should be kicked in the gonads for writing.

ME (laughing): Kicked in the gonads? Isn't that a bit harsh?

JAMES (stony-faced): No. It's exactly what you deserve.

ME (laughing even harder): What about freedom of expression? Artistic integrity? My responsibility not to censor my art, especially when it veers into dark places?

JAMES: Fuck those things! You deserve kicked in the gonads and that's all there is to it.

ME: You're fixating on the tiny percentage of the book that offended you, though. If you loved 83 of 85 chapters, I'm happy. I mean, that's a high percentage. It's an A+.

JAMES (still serious-faced): Aye, well you walk around smiling like an idiot, happy with your A+. But one day, when you least expect it, I'm going to kick your gonads.
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Quotes Mark Liked

Mark Rice
“The Devil has all the best tunes? My arse! Metalville just got a new sheriff.”
Mark Rice, Metallic Dreams

Mark Rice
“Dying is the fastest route to fame for an aspiring rock star. The dead man’s melodies become profound, acquiring deep mystery and rising into a realm beyond the reach of human criticism. In the stopping of a heartbeat, the rocker is transformed from decadent, depraved hedonist into misunderstood genius. Aye, death and musical stardom go together like Scotland and rain.”
Mark Rice, Metallic Dreams

Mark Rice
“Things began to go wrong when I was seventeen. My band’s twenty-year-old lead guitarist earned seven years in jail for a drug-fuelled spree of violence. The other band members were quick to let go of their musical dreams, but I never did. They did the ‘mature’ thing: after writing off the band as a teenage fantasy, they got real jobs and made some money. They called it growing up. I called it giving up.”
Mark Rice, Metallic Dreams

Mark Rice
“I was ten when I heard the music that ended the first phase of my life and cast me hurtling into a new horizon. Drenched to the skin, I stood on Dunoon’s pier peering seawards through diagonal rain, looking for the ferry that would take me home. There, on the everwet west coast of Scotland, I heard it: like sonic scalpels, the sounds of electric guitars sliced through the dreich weather. My body hairs pricked up, each one a willing receiver for the Thunder-God grooves. To my young ears, the sound of these amplified guitars was angelic (although, with hindsight, I don’t suppose angels play Gibson guitars at ear-bleeding volume). A voice that suggested vocal chords of polished silver soared alongside razor-sharp overdriven riffs. I knew that I was hearing the future.”
Mark Rice, Metallic Dreams

Mark Rice
“I lay in bed that night, a first-time drunkard at seven years of age, pondering the punishment I knew would arrive on callused palms. In the forest, as if sensing my plight, wolves howled nocturnal laments. The magnificent lunar lullabies of my lupine brethren wooed me into a deep and cleansing sleep.”
Mark Rice, Metallic Dreams

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message 1: by David (new)

David Katzman Hahaha!

Mark Rice I have a meeting with some other west-of-Scotland writers tomorrow night, and James Pettigrew will be present. I better wear my groin guard, just in case!

message 3: by David (new)

David Katzman I've got a nut net I can loan you.

message 4: by Miriam (new) - added it

Miriam 83 out of 85 rounds up to 98%; maqybe your mate is a stiff grader and would only mark that a plain A.

Mark Rice Miriam wrote: "83 out of 85 rounds up to 98%; maqybe your mate is a stiff grader and would only mark that a plain A."

Pettigrew is indeed my harshest critic. Often, his initial opinion softens after a second read. After reading my short story Revelation Was Wrong he sent me an e-mail saying, "This is an example of you just flexing your literary muscles. What's the point?" I told him to read it again. He did, and he got the point. It's now one of his favourite stories.

Helle Gade LMAO

Richard Maybe now that you have revised, the threats to your, er, manhood will abate.

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