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The Magician by Michael Scott
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Jul 28, 11

really liked it

(Review for the entire series)

Michael Scott is, to say the least, charming and intelligent. I was enchanted by his ability to take classical mythological creatures and weave them together into a complicated, vast universe. He is, truly, a talented writer. This is an excellent, very intelligent and well-designed series, although certainly a step away from my regular literary feasts.

This quickly became one of my favorite series, although I am NOT a YA fan. I haven't identified with a 15 year old character since I was 15 (imagine that!), but I found myself devouring this series. This brings me to my only apprehension in this series...

...sometimes, I really wanted to slap the crap out of the main characters (the twins). For fifteen year olds, the twins are too level headed and understanding. Although Scott does balance these moments with appropriate naïvety, they are TOO competent of people for 15 year olds.

And that's to be expected: an adult writing YA will never, ever be spot on. Adults think like adults - not 15 year olds. As well, no one would want to read a story about a regular 15 year old. We want the extraordinary to escape from our own ordinary. This series does just that.

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message 1: by Robby (new)

Robby Chandra The fact that Michael Scott was able to weave thousands of years of legend into a single book and mix it with real situations is outstanding. I agree with your opinion regarding that the twins were quite un-necessarily level-headed. But that's okay, i think it's just a part of the book. I'm also so glad that the character development increased from the last book, and now has included more historical or legendary people such as Mars Ultor and Joan of Arc. These characters were definitely interesting to read about and to be fiddled around in the plot of this book. Michael Scott certainly spent quite of time introducing them, but it's going to be sad that they might not even see them anymore once they go to London. I think the book will get even more better, as the city of London is plagued with many enemies and bitter rivals of Nicholas Flamel. I'm going to continue reading this series, and let Michael Scott continue on with his piece of work.

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