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Once an Arafat Man by Tass Saada
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Jul 28, 2011

Taysir Saada was born to refugee parents in a Refugee camp in the Gaza Strip. According to the author his parents were asked by the Arab Governments at the time to move from their house aand orange orchards in Jaffo and come back when the Arab armies were victorious. They ended up loosing.His father had bee in the orange business with a Jewish Partner who offered to shelter him when the war started. The father chose Gaza strip. Life in the refugee camp was horrible Tass was born in a tent with inadequate medical supplies, food and water. He later on moved with his family to Jidda in Saudi Arabia. Life for a Palestinian refugee was very difficult. Palestinians were taunted by the Saudis often because they poor, not as fanatical and because they had no honor. If a man looses his land then he looses his honor. In Jidda his father and brothers opened up an auto repair business. One time when working on a car for the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, who wanted thee car back in a hurry, his father had decide to work on Friday afternoon. Soon the religious police came by whipped his father and forced him to pray in the Mosque. Tasss was a wild and angry kid often time getting into fights when provoked by other kids and he always hated attending classes. He got into trouble on several occasion which often required his father to use his connections to bail him out. His father’s reputation for quality work traveled far and wide when he fixed the prince of Quatar’s car he was then shifted off to Quatar. It was while he was in Quatar that he heard thee broadcast by Egypt and Jordan that they were defeating thee Israeli Army. Later it turned out to be a pack of lies. It was at this point that Tass decided to join the ranks of Fatah.

In Fatah he learned how to be a sniper and killed many people. In his memoir he describes the training process, his advancements through thee ranks all the way to training kids in refugee camps. Fatah though caused many problems for the Jordanians. Often times he would harass Christians, one time he even tried to assassinate the Crown Prince of Jordan. This caused the Jordanian tpo attack Fataah and send them to Lebanon what was known as Black September. Tass left Jordan just in time

His father tricked had his passport confiscated and he tried to force his son to get an education. It did not work. Finally his father allowed to go to America. While in America Tass ha many adventures. He gets involved with hotel management and restaurant management. He married a woman named Karen who is a single mother, a child fathered by an Iranian father. Tass lives a fast life until a friend named Charlie exposes him to Christiansity. Tass discovers Jesus changes his life and learns to love Jewish people. His dedication to Christ causes him to travel and preach the word of God. He ends up running a ministry in Gaza

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